Whether you're interested in building a website for personal fun or to expand your business, the process is generally the same. You must design and code the site and then find a web host that can handle your needs. If that sounds daunting, there is a simpler method that keeps everything in-house, cutting costs and letting you do everything exactly how you want in the process.

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Dragify WordPress Builder is a powerful tool that gives you all the standard WordPress tools in a drag-and-drop layout. There's no need to write any code thanks to more than 200 pre-designed blocks and click-to-edit options for smaller tweaks, allowing you to lay out a site in mere minutes. Once finished, Ahead Web Hosting provides lifetime hosting for five website. This bundle, regularly priced at $855, can now be had for just $50 thanks to Windows Central Digital Offers. That's 94 percent off the regular price.

Ahead Web Hosting offers hacker and DDOS protection and cPanel support, 3.5 GB of SSD-optimized storage, and it's equipped with top-tier servers and software. On top of that, 24/7 tech support is standing by to help you in the event something goes wrong.

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If you've been waiting to get your website up and running due to the cost or a lack of specialized knowledge, this Dragify WordPress Build and webhost bundle will solve both problems. Don't wait too long; this deep discount won't last forever.