Dell adds the Intel Core i5 to its XPS 13 options for British buyers

Since Dell's brand new, incredibly gorgeous, XPS 13 launched at CES, we've been slowly watching it roll out in various locations. Previously British buyers – like the person writing this article – only had the top spec, Intel Core i7 versions to choose from, commanding a top end price, too. Now, though, there's at least a slightly lower priced option to choose from, with the addition of an Intel Core i5 model to the UK store.

Unlike the one our own Daniel Rubino has already laid his hands on, though, this i5 model still comes with the QHD+ touchscreen Infinity Display. It's absolutely stunning, sure, but it also adds to the price. We're still hopeful that British customers will get the benefits of the non-touchscreen options at even lower prices, but for now, this is at least a start. When you add on the customary VAT the i5 model will still cost a pretty hefty £1,126.80. It still represents a decent saving on the top i7 models, though.

With our own QHD+ XPS 13 units inbound shortly, stay tuned to Windows Central to see more of it in the coming weeks.

Source: Dell UK (opens in new tab)

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  • Wow. I wouldn't buy it. To be honest I would get a cheaper i7 but I am happy with my i5 and 1TB of memory and 8GB of ram.... All for £200 brand new. Got sent a £650 laptop by mistake instead of my £200 chromebook. I scored well there haha
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  • what crapbook you have with 1TB memory and 8GB RAM, or is unfunny sarcasm?
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  • I like it. But it isn't convertible
  • Nice but way too pricey.. Should had prices like Asus X series laptops like Asus X552CL
  • Built my own PC today. 17-4790K, gtx 980
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  • It's got to be the i7, anything less is false economy....
  • I've had both, i5 more than meets the needs of most users. i7 is only a must if you're using multiple heavy programs at once, very often. I'm currently using an i5 model and this 'regular' laptop is a beast. Granted I do have 8gb of RAM. I can easily play a new game on very high settings, go to desktop, open Photoshop with a high quality project, accept a skype call and switch between the three Windows on the fly. I have had it for 6 months now and I have yet to ever run into any slowdowns/freezes.
  • I've got the XPS 15 with the i7 processor and 16gb of RAM - it's awesome and yes, more than most people need (most of the time) but who wouldn't want the best, so that they can use it's full potential faster and easier? I don't need to edit or convert videos very often, but when I do, I want it to be quick (who wouldn't?). If it's only used for surfing the web, the XPS doesn't make sense, it's total overkill...
  • Who wouldn't want the best? Nobody. Who can afford the best? Few people. If you have money to burn or need the power of i7 then go for it. However many people, even those with some wealth, don't need the power. Their hard earned cash is better spend on other things. It's all about the subjective quality/price ratio.
  • Also, battery. Core i7 gets warmer, needs more fan, and runs faster, ergo gets less battery life and is louder. Plus it costs more. I too find the Core i5 more than enough for the majority of people.
  • I don't want to disappoint you but i5 and i7 are complete identical. The few features that are different are too complex to explain them to you and you surely don't need them.
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  • I'm thinking of building a desktop rig and for that price, you can make a pretty decent one to boot. Still that's the price you pay for the power, amazing display and portability.
  • I bought the XPS13 with QHD and 512GB SSD. It's totally worth the price !
  • Is a matte display or a glossy one? Cause the non-touch display this Dell provides is matte
  • Want one for Photoshop.
  • Does this laptop have a pentile screen? That can be a slight problem with old apps who don't understand DPI scaling.
  • no, in fact this is the first laptop at QHD+ that ran Adobe Elements and it looked perfect for scaling.
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  • Sadly no 16GB Ram option :(
  • Wish they made a fanless version with 5y10 or 70.
  • They wanted good performance. 5y10 and 70 get you nothing. Even the Yoga 3 Pro has a fan (and is louder than this laptop). Those chips save you no money, give you no extra battery life, and you lose performance. Bad deal.
  • Those Dell UK are Assholes. Those mother Fuckers failed to process my order and wasted my whole week. Those cunts don't even know how to provide good customer service. They have no knowledge of the products. Fuck them..
  • i was thinking of buying dell xps 15 core i7 ?! wait it gets warmer??
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  • There only seems to be £50 difference between the i5 and i7, I had buyers remorse when I plaved my order for the i7 a couple of weeks ago but when I got mine yesterday all that vanished this is one beautiful, well desined laptop. The screen is just insane.