Dell adds the Intel Core i5 to its XPS 13 options for British buyers

Since Dell's brand new, incredibly gorgeous, XPS 13 launched at CES, we've been slowly watching it roll out in various locations. Previously British buyers – like the person writing this article – only had the top spec, Intel Core i7 versions to choose from, commanding a top end price, too. Now, though, there's at least a slightly lower priced option to choose from, with the addition of an Intel Core i5 model to the UK store.

Unlike the one our own Daniel Rubino has already laid his hands on, though, this i5 model still comes with the QHD+ touchscreen Infinity Display. It's absolutely stunning, sure, but it also adds to the price. We're still hopeful that British customers will get the benefits of the non-touchscreen options at even lower prices, but for now, this is at least a start. When you add on the customary VAT the i5 model will still cost a pretty hefty £1,126.80. It still represents a decent saving on the top i7 models, though.

With our own QHD+ XPS 13 units inbound shortly, stay tuned to Windows Central to see more of it in the coming weeks.

Source: Dell UK

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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