Game on with Dell's 24-inch 144Hz 1080p monitor on sale for $150

Dell's S2419HGF 24-inch 144 Hz FreeSync 1080p gaming monitor (opens in new tab) has dropped to $149.99 at Walmart. While we have seen it go less than this in the past, it is currently sold out at most retailers including Amazon (opens in new tab). The screen was selling for as high as $230 in February and regularly goes for around $200.

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Dell S2419HGF 24-inch 144 Hz FreeSync 1080p gaming monitor walmart (opens in new tab)

If you play any modern FPS games, you'll want a monitor just like this.

This is a relatively new monitor from Dell. It uses a TN panel to get you really fast 1ms response times and a 120 Hz refresh rate overclocked to 144 Hz. The AMD FreeSync tech helps reduce screen tearing while gaming, and the pixel resolution is 1920 x 1080. The connectivity options include HDMI and VGA. You'll also get a three-year warranty from Dell. The monitor is also certified to work with Nvidia's G-Sync if you use a DisplayPort connection.

John Levite
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