Dell UK now offering an entry level XPS 13 at £799

We're big fans of Dell's latest XPS 13 round these parts, but one issue there has been outside of the U.S. is availability of the full range. In the UK, for example, the only models to go on sale initially were the range topping, Intel Core i7 models. Fortunately that's improved since and now British buyers can spend substantially less and get one from £799.

For that you can pick up the non-touch, Intel Core i5 version with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Double the storage and the RAM and you get probably the better value for money deal since it'll only set you back at extra £80 at £879.

While there's no denying the QHD+ Infinity Display is incredible, our own Daniel Rubino has spent some time with the non-touch, 1080p version and was very impressed. One of the big selling points of the XPS 13 at launch was the wide range of price points, and at least now British buyers can get in on some of that.

Source: Dell UK (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • And no doubt you'll say the same when we get other laptops in like the Lenovo X1 Carbon.
  • I don't mind about this post, and I know that most reader neither Is just that there are a lot about this machine in less measure that other laptops or PC like the X1 as you say
  • We haven't got the X1. Yet :) Expect that to change in the coming weeks.
  • You should probably have a word with Simon Sage then. Because in lieu of providing an actual review, he has just posted an aggregation of various online reviews.
    Kind of makes Windows Central look a bit ridiculous!
  • as with my post below ,the xps range seems to be cheaper in ireland then in the uk. would make more sense to order and get it from and get it sent to the uk.
  • They are supposedly not paid for them. Supposedly.
  • Well I bought mine and Dan bought his two so...?
  • Yeah, I agree. How dare a Windows tech site post an article about one of the best Windows Laptops out there. This is unacceptable, it is like they are paid to post articles or something.   I really don't get the point of complaining about the articles that are posted....if you don't like it, don't effing read it and move on.
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  • What the use of laptop if there are no GPU?
  • £879 is fantastic for a real work horse!!!
  • you can get the same £879 model for £795.68 in ireland , so that price is not great at all. in fact all xps 13 are much cheaper in euros then in pounds, so order from not
  • That's a good point - though I buy Enterprise and reclaim vat, so buy it for cheaper. That said, it is still a good price and thanks for highlighting a deal. Aside from 20% vat I'm forever stumped at why it has to be more expensive here - sure, we're the second largest growing economy in Europe; still, why? Anyway, that del is solid!
  • You cana buy Enterprise and reclaim vat anywhere in the EU, i do all the time. or you can just go vat free if the company you buy from does not do alot of business with where you have your vat number registered (this has come in handy too). No idea why its cheaper in Ireland, I mean Dell EU headquaters are still based in Ireland and we used to build all the machines but now dells are been built in cheaper places.
  • One of the best pc's right now.
  • Go for the i7
  • This is correct, Great Britain is England, Wales, and Scotland. The UK (United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is different and does not include Eire. Ordering from Dell.Ie and importing to the UK would incur import taxes, right?
    Edit: There was a post about the difference between UK and Britain, which has since been removed. I didn't just break out in a fresh place. Honest.
  • my post is still there and , is this another case of someone from the UK not knowing how the EU works,  no why would there be any import taxes both countries are in the European union, i dont pay import tax on something from germany or the uk or any EU member state.
  • To be fair, I've never imported anything from the EU to the UK so thanks for pointing this out. I did laugh at how this is another case of someone who doesn't know how punctuation works though ;)
  • I am not sure the fact you never imported anything for the EU matters,  i mean the UK has been in EU for 43 years, and the no import tax rule is pretty much the foundation its built on, i would have thought its common knowledge. I mean you took time to explain to someone (i am guessing me) the Ireland was not part of Great Britain (again not sure who does not know that at this point in time :)  ) . But yea either way if you buying alot of computer parts , you will save money by look at prices in ireland, germany even places like poland. 
  • This looks like a great deal. I might pick one up to replace my aging desktop.
  • But there are no GPU
  • The XPS 13 would have been a hundred times better in my eyes if they had made touch available across the entire range, at the very least as an option. I just see the lack of touch on the 1080p model as a huge letdown. The QHD+ comes with too many drawbacks, chief among them is substantially less battery life. I just absolute don't understand the 'Retina' display BS, especially when 1080p is more than enough at this size. Unless your a photographer it doesn't make since considering the processor has to waste power to drive those extra pixels. An XPS 13 with a 1080p screen WITH touch, 8GB of RAM and 256GB hard drive would have been perfect.
  • Agree.
  • No gpu - no laptop
  • Yes, at least if its in 'High' end.