Dell's Mobile Connect app currently works with any PC, but it might not for long (Updated)

Updated August 1, 2018: It appears the download is unavailable for some devices. However, we have confirmed it is working with multiple Surface Book 2 devices and a Surface Pro, so it's still working for at least some.

One of the best additions Dell has made to its PC lineup in recent months is Dell Mobile Connect. While we're still waiting for Microsoft to bring its Your Phone app to all Windows 10 users, Dell Mobile Connect already achieves much of what it promises, including phone mirroring, making and receiving calls, viewing notifications, and more. The only problem? It has only been available with Dell laptops sold after January 1, 2018 – until now.

In what appears to be a mixup, potentially related to recent changes to the Microsoft Store, Dell Mobile Connect is now available to download and use on any PC, regardless of manufacturer. Previously, going to the app's listing on any PC that wasn't a Dell would show that it wasn't available for that device.

Getting started with Mobile Connect requires a few steps, but it's fairly simple. Once you've downloaded the app from the Microsoft Store, you'll be prompted to install drivers from Dell's website. After installing the required drivers, you can open Mobile Connect again to begin the setup process, which involves selecting whether you're using an Android or iPhone device, downloading companion mobile app, and connecting your PC to your phone.

After everything is set up, you'll be able to use Mobile Connect to make and receive phone calls and text messages, view notifications, and edit your contacts. Android users can even mirror their phone's screen, allowing you to do anything you'd normally do on your phone within the app's window.

Because Mobile Connect is intended for Dell PCs, like the latest XPS 13, it's likely that its availability for all PCs is a mistake and Dell could very well pull it for non-Dell devices in the future. But if you're looking to get a taste of what Microsoft's own Your Phone app will be able to do in the future, Mobile Connect is a great little app that provides much of the same functionality for now.

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