Diagnose your vehicle with Topdon's OBD2 Scanner at 50% off via Amazon

Making sure your vehicle is well taken care of is much easier with the right tools. One essential that everyone should keep in their glove box or garage is an OBD2 scanner like the TopDon OBD2 Car Code Reader (opens in new tab). It's on sale today for just $13.49 at Amazon when you clip its on-page coupon and then use promo code KIJAAGF2 during checkout, making it affordable enough where there's no excuse not to own one. Today's deal saves you 50% off its usual cost of $27 and marks one of the lowest prices yet for this model.

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Topdon OBD2 Scanner Code Reader (opens in new tab)

Get information about your car's diagnostics and why that pesky Check Engine light is on with this easy-to-use OBD2 Car Code Reader. It works with almost all US vehicles made after 1996. Clip the on-page coupon and use the following coupon to save.

This car code reader is extremely versatile and works with most vehicles manufactured after 1996 in the US, Europe, and Asia. Simply plug it into your vehicle's OBD-II port (usually found somewhere beneath the steering wheel) and you'll be able to check on its diagnostics and clear any trouble codes showing on your vehicle's dashboard. It can read and display I/M monitor status, determine the Malfunction Indicator Lamp status, and more, and its large display makes it easy to read too.

Now you won't have to take your vehicle to a mechanic for every little thing, and you won't have to just trust that the mechanic is telling you the truth when it is time for a repair. Having one of these could even help guide you to fixing an issue all on your own so you can save time and cash. It supports various languages, including French, German, Spanish, and English. TopDon includes a 1-year warranty with its purchase.

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