Do older Surface Pro Type Covers work with Surface Pro 7?

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Do older Surface Pro Type Covers work with Surface Pro 7?

Best answer: Yes, Type Covers compatible with Surface Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5, and Pro 6 should have no issues working with the refreshed Surface Pro 7. Note that Microsoft released new Signature Type Cover colors (Poppy Red and Ice Blue) alongside the Pro 7.

Why get a Type Cover for your Surface Pro 7?

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The Surface Pro 7 is a capable tablet on its own, with a 12.3-inch touch display with 2736x1824 resolution that doesn't need anything other than your fingers to operate. If you love the idea of a tablet and don't plan on any productivity tasks, the lone Pro 7 will do. All models have the kickstand built into the back to prop up the tablet, useful whether or not you have a Type Cover attached.

For anyone who plans on using their Pro 7 as a true laptop, a Type Cover will prove invaluable. Foremost, you add a backlit keyboard and Precision touchpad to the mix, which turns the tablet into a veritable notebook. When closed, it will also offer some protection for the display if you're tossing the Pro 7 into a bag when you're on the move.

It's a thin addition to the tablet that makes a huge difference. Keys have ample travel, the touchpad is large enough for Windows 10 gestures, and the entire thing can be quickly and easily added or removed thanks to magnetic hookup.

What Type Cover options can you buy?

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Over the years, Microsoft has produced several different Type Cover styles. The premium version is the Signature Type Cover, complete with Alcantara fabric finish for a comfortable feel, backlit keys, and Precision touchpad. The premium finish is generally going to cost more than the standard Type Cover. With the Pro 7, Microsoft has introduced two new colors: Poppy Red and Ice Blue.

A standard Type Cover without Alcantara fabric is also available, and it will generally save you quite a bit of money. It has a backlit keyboard and Precision touchpad, but it doesn't have the same Alcantara fabric finish.

There's also a Type Cover with Fingerprint ID available. While the Pro 7 includes an IR camera for facial recognition through Windows Hello, some people prefer a fingerprint reader. It works with Windows Hello as well and otherwise offers the same backlit keys and Precision touchpad.

Are there third-party Type Cover alternatives?

Yes, there are plenty of third-party keyboards available that should have no issue working with your Surface Pro 7. Whether you're looking for something far less expensive, something with colored backlight for the keys, or a metal keyboard, we've rounded up a bunch of the best Type Cover alternatives out there right now.

Grab a Type Cover for your Surface Pro 7

If you don't already have a Surface Pro Type Cover lying around, investing in one will turn your tablet into a true laptop. Whether you're looking for a Type Cover with Alcantara fabric, without Alcantara fabric, or with a Fingerprint reader, there should be a keyboard and touchpad that suits your needs.

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