Elden Ring: Full interactive map of the Lands Between (2024)

Elden Ring Map
Elden Ring Map (Image credit: Windows Central)

Elden Ring is an absolutely stunning game, with one of the best-crafted open worlds in gaming history. The map is utterly huge, and finding everything would potentially take you hundreds of hours of trial and error, but what if there was an easier way?

While Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox games of all time, it's also without a doubt the most difficult. You can overcome much of that difficulty by refining your character's build, and to do that, you're going to need items, gear, new spells, and much more. Finding all of that can be a huge chore, but honestly, finding it by yourself is a huge part of the fun. However, there are tools online to help if you don't have the time or the inclination.

The Elden Ring Wiki at FextraLife has a truly awesome interactive map system, you can access at the picture below.

Elden Ring Interactive Map

Elden Ring Wiki Map

The interactive Elden Ring map at FextraLife can help you find practically everything and anything in the Lands Between.  (Image credit: Source: FextraLife)

The interactive map at FextraLife lets you filter icons based what you're looking for. Whether you're hunting down new scrolls for playing an Astrologer or Prisoner, or new weapons for a melee-oriented class instead, the map will help you find all of the game's secrets more quickly than you may otherwise have time for. You can navigate the map using similar cursor controls you'd find on sites like Bing Maps — scroll wheel zooms, click and drag lets you pan, and so on.

Discovering items for yourself is a huge part of the fun of the game, and if you can, I'd urge you to make your own way through the Lands Between, at least for your first playthrough. But I wholly appreciate that time constraints, patience, and a host of other factors may prevent you from being able to do so.

If you're seeking to run through Elden Ring without a huge amount of guidance on the world map, you should at least learn how to grab Elden Ring map fragments. The in-game map isn't flooded with icons like most typical modern open-world games, but it actually contains a lot of hints about where interesting landmarks and dungeons may be if you zoom in. If it looks like there's a cave on the map's art, chances are it's a real cave in-game you can visit.

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