Final Fantasy Type-0 Online hitting Windows and Windows Phone in 2016

Tokyo Games Week has been ongoing in recent days out in Japan and one snippet of interesting news for Windows fans is continued love from Square Enix. The newly announced Final Fantasy Online Type-0 will be coming in 2016, initially to Japan, and it'll be available on Windows and Windows Phone.

By then, of course, it'll be Windows 10 Mobile but we're certainly not going to turn our noses up at support from one of the world's biggest names in gaming. It'll also be available as you'd imagine on Android and iOS, too.

"FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 ONLINE is an all new take on the TYPE-0 universe, a multiplayer online, action-RPG evolved from the gameplay in FINAL FANTASY AGITO.The title was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015 for mobile devices and Windows PC, to release in Japan in 2016. Plans for a North American and European release are currently under consideration."

It's not a certainty from the above that we'll 100% see it in the west, but, it's at least coming and it's under consideration. Check out the first trailer up top.

Thanks Kevin for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Yes!
  • Waiting for Pokemon shuffle and pokemon Go now... they WILL come to wp, right, right??
  • You could try side loading the Amazon version
  • OMG yes
  • Window ftw!
  • The tides of change. Looking forward to this.
  • In all honesty Japanese games companies have been terrible over the last 10 years. Tgs was full of titles that just proved it. Konami is no longer making aaa console games anymore announced this week. Games like final fantasy are a shadow of the former glory days of Japanese games when they were amazing. Instead of proper Japanese rpgs, which were turn based and as a result had great strategy we now have action rpg combat mechanics and empty worlds. Sort of a really poor hack n slash mechanic with leveling up. Look at ff7 remake as to how an amazing combat system is destroyed by the japanese mindest of today. Resident evil is dead forever, silent hill dead forever. Honestly tgs was the most depressing tgs there has ever been. I sincerely hoped it would change this year, but the Japanese market is all but a memory of what was great in the late 90's early 2000's.
    With that said, this announcement fills me with utter stomach ulcers.
  • Color me surprised. It's a shame Square-Enix hasn't brought Final Fantasy IV-VII and Record Keeper to Windows Phone as well, but this is certainly better than nothing.
  • The problem is Windows (mobile) almost doesn't exist there, being a "worst planning" for a japanese company. However, it could be a good choice if NA Square-Enix was responsible with the port.
  • It's great that windows is included, the universal store is taking shape
  • Awesome! Finally some big game announcement for Windows Phone XD
  • The gameplay look diffrent with psp version
  • I'm happy with order & chaos 2
  • Need more final fantasy game on wp
  • This is cool, what would make it perfect is if it gets Xbox achievement support. I know Squenix didnt bother with Lara Croft Go, but I can still hope.
  • Wow, this looks like complete crap. Is it FF anymore?
  • OMG! I hope it comes with achievements and be released in Brazil! *---*