Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition makes its Windows 10 debut

Last year Square Enix announced an impressive mobile version of Final Fantasy XV, condensing the original console experience into a lightweight chibi-style package. Promising the same narrative, environments and mechanics rebuilt for mobile devices, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition looked to be a new way to experience the role-playing franchise.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has now shifted to Windows 10's integrated Microsoft Store, following its prior release on other platforms. The first of 10 chapters is available as a free download, while subsequent missions are sold separately. Support for both mouse and keyboard and touchscreen setups is offered, making this an ideal title for tablets on-the-go. The game also boasts Xbox Live integration, with 65 achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore.

Although released back in February for iOS and Android devices, its promised Windows 10 counterpart was nowhere to be seen. We previously spoke to Hajime Tabata, director on Final Fantasy XV, who expressed the team wanted to focus on mobile PCs – specifically naming Microsoft Surface. With Microsoft retracting its Windows phone investments, that platform's situation remains "quite unknown" for the Tokyo-based studio.

This is one of several Square Enix titles on the Microsoft Store, including high-profile titles like Final Fantasy XV and Rise of the Tomb Raider. The publisher has accumulated a strong lineup on the storefront, while many major publishers show little interest in the Universal Windows Platform. Speaking with the Final Fantasy XV team earlier this year, the publisher sees Windows 10 as a natural step beyond the Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for download on the Microsoft Store as a free download. Subsequent episodes are available for purchase after playing the opening mission.

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Updated June 8, 2018: Corrected Gamerscore value for FFXV Pocket Edition.

Matt Brown

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