Don't miss this chance to score $5 extra on video game trade-ins at GameStop

GameStop (Image credit: GameStop)

Trade-in values at GameStop are thought to be abysmal by some, but they're not that bad for many games, and for the next few days, GameStop is giving you an extra $5 in credit towards any game valued at $2 or more. This deal stacks too, so if you have 10 games which GameStop says are worth $2 each, rather than earning $20 with this deal, you'd earn $70! Hopefully you've kept a good stash of old video games, as this is the time to clear them out.


GameStop Extra $5 on Game Trade-Ins valued at $2 or more

Each video game valued over $2 that you trade-in to GameStop will earn you an additional $5 in bonus credit, giving you the opportunity to refresh your game collection at a nice discount.

GameStop will soon be opening stores dedicated to retro gaming, and I'm of the opinion that this deal is the retailer's way to ensure they have enough stock of older games to go around. To find out how much your video games are worth as trade-ins, you can visit this page at GameStop to look up each one and see if it's worth bringing over or not. Any video game that doesn't show a trade-in value of $2 or more will not receive the additional $5 bonus credit.

Once you're done tallying up how much you're going to make with this deal, you can browse GameStop's website to start deciding how you'll put all that extra credit to use and even order an item for free in-store pickup.

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