A hellish Humble Bundle of Diablo lore to keep you entertained until June

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The hour of Diablo 4 Open Beta being no more is fast approaching, leaving us bereft and hungry for more. We have an agonizing wait until June 6 for the full release, but if you want to know more about the world of Sanctuary, we've found a fantastic deal that will satiate your Diablo 4 hunger more than a double-down sandwich, but also give to charity. Reverend Mother Prava would be proud. 

Blizzard Legends & Lore Humble Bundle

Blizzard Legends & Lore Humble Bundle

Grab 22 e-books for just $22 for $316 value, with a portion of the funds going to charity. The bundle includes lore from popular Blizzard titles Diablo, World of Warcraft and StarCraft. 

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This Humble Bundle will donate a portion of the proceeds to The Call of Duty Endowment, a charity that funds employment support for veterans, with grants that aid organizations helping veterans back into the workplace. You can read more about The Call of Duty Endowment at their official website

What's in the Blizzard Legends & Lore Bundle?

  • Diablo: The Sin War Book One - Birthright
  • Diablo: The Sin War Book Two - Scales of the Serpent
  • Diablo: The Sin War Book Three - The Veiled Prophet
  • Diablo: The Black Road
  • Diablo: Legacy of Blood
  • Diablo: Kingdom of Shadow
  • Diablo: The Order
  • World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing Vol.1 - The Dragons of Outland
  • World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing Vol.2 - Nexus Point
  • World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal
  • World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria
  • World of Warcraft Mage
  • World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon
  • StarCraft: Ghost-Spectres
  • StarCraft: Shadow of the Xel'Naga
  • StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga - Book One - Firstborn
  • StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga - Book Two - Shadow Hunters
  • StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga - Book Three - Twilight
  • StarCraft: Ghost Academy Vol.1
  • StarCraft: Ghost Academy Vol.2
  • StarCraft: Ghost Academy Vol.3
  • StarCraft 2: The Devil's Due - Blizzard Legends

While you may not be interested in every single book the bundle has to offer, even if purchasing for Diablo or World of WarCraft alone this bundle offers incredible value. The first book in the Diablo Sin War trilogy, Birthright, is currently $11.49 on Amazon for the Kindle edition.

For those who have played the Diablo 4 open beta and been captivated by the story, whether you are new to the world of Sanctuary or even experienced with the previous games, I'd highly recommend purchasing this bundle for the Diablo Sin War Trilogy alone. These three books will give you a lot more insight into the creation of humans, the Eternal Conflict, and more background on the story of Inarius and Lilith.

We have a full lore article in the works, but in the meantime, if you want to dive back into the world of the Burning Hells, and back into the arms of Lilith, then this is a fantastic deal. 

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