Get all of Destiny 2 for DIRT CHEAP with the best deal I've ever seen Bungie offer

Bungie's space fantasy looter shooter Destiny 2 has always been an expensive game to get into, with each of its expansions costing $25-50 and other add-ons like $10 season passes, $20 Dungeon keys, and the $25 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack making it even harder to play everything it has to offer without breaking the bank. Therefore, even as a hardcore veteran of the game, I generally find it pretty difficult to recommend to new players.

Right now, though, you can get every piece of current Destiny 2 DLC and seasonal content for the incredibly low price of $40 on PC (Steam) thanks to an amazing discount that Bungie's teamed up with Humble Bundle to offer on the latter's storefront. Labelled "The Story So Far," this bundle deal gives you all of Destiny 2 for the price of a single expansion — a full $165 off the cheapest way you could buy its DLC and Year 6 seasonal content on Steam directly. 

This is unquestionably the best Destiny 2 deal I've ever seen, and if you're interested in checking the game out, I strongly recommend taking advantage of it before the bundle becomes unavailable at the end of February. Note you could also opt to only pay $20 and still get every DLC release, though you'll be missing out on Year 6's season passes and Dungeon key.

Destiny 2: The Story So Far Bundle — $40 at Humble Bundle (Steam)

Destiny 2: The Story So Far Bundle — <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$40 at Humble Bundle (Steam)

With this amazing bundle, you'll get access to every single piece of Destiny 2 DLC for the price of a single expansion. The proceeds from every purchase go towards supporting the Bungie Foundation, which works with children's hospitals to provide iPads loaded with age-appropriate entertainment to as many patients as possible.

An absurd amount of Destiny 2 content

A Titan using Strand to face off against a Tormentor in Destiny 2. (Image credit: Bungie)

There's ultimately not many games like Destiny 2, which blends an MMO-like focus on social activities like raiding with deep RPG buildcrafting and some of the finest first-person shooter mechanics in the gaming industry. Set in the far future, the game puts you in the armored boots of a Guardian — someone who was resurrected with the power of the Light by the mysterious and paracausal Traveler that hangs over humanity's skies. Guardians wield the power of the Light alongside their firearms to protect humanity from the Darkness as well as hostile extra-terrestrial civilizations.

Destiny 2 is primarily a PvE experience, as the true meat of the game lies with its story campaigns, matchmade "Strike" missions, seasonal activities, Dungeons, and Raids. However, there is PvP in The Crucible, which features a number of different casual 6v6 modes as well as fiercer 3v3 experiences like ranked Competitive and the weekend-exclusive Trials of Osiris.

The quality of Destiny 2's storytelling and the depth of its content has gone through some peaks and valleys over the years — Year 6 has been a valley for the former, but generally a peak for the latter, if you ask me — but overall, it's one of the best PC games, and getting all of it for just $40 is an absolute steal. Notably, the proceeds from this bundle go to the Bungie Foundation, which is a Bungie organization that works with children's hospitals to provide patients with iPads loaded with age-appropriate entertainment.

Calling the bundle "The Story So Far" is a bit of a stretch since major parts of the game have been removed to ensure its stability as part of Bungie's controversial "content vaulting" that began in Year 4 with Beyond Light, but at least there's a Timeline menu in-game you can read through for the gist of everything that happened pre-Shadowkeep. You could always watch cutscenes and gameplay from The Red War, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken on YouTube, too.

The only thing this bundle doesn't include is a preorder of The Final Shape, the next Destiny 2 expansion launching June 4 that'll cap off the Light and Darkness Saga that began way back when the first Destiny launched a decade ago in 2014. It's what all of Destiny and Destiny 2's DLC has been building towards, and while we know Destiny 2 will continue to get content updates called "Episodes" after its arrival, there's a possibility it will be the final expansion-style release for the space fantasy shooter.

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