How to get the Mosquito exotic pistol in The Division 2

The Mosquito exotic pistol in The Division 2
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The Division 2 Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard is finally upon us and that means new exotic gear for players to get their hands on. There are two being added to the main game, with a third being slipped into the Descent game mode. 

Of those, one is the Mosquito, a new exotic pistol with an interesting talent. It's a sidearm that seems to be focused on crowd control, allowing agents to focus enemy attention on themselves. So it could be a useful piece of gear to carry in group play. 

Like most recently added exotic items in The Division 2, the Mosquito isn't too difficult to get hold of. Here's what you need to know. 

How to get the Mosquito exotic pistol in The Division 2

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The Mosquito can be acquired from the new season pass on the free track. That means every player can get hold of it with no requirement to pay any extra for the premium reward track. As always, you have to own the Warlords of New York expansion, and have completed its campaign to have access to the seasonal gameplay. 

To get the Mosquito, you simply need to level up your season pass to level 90 out of the 100 levels available. Once you do, you'll be rewarded the Mosquito. Simple as that! 

Once you have the item, the blueprint will be awarded to you at level 91 so you can re-roll the weapon to your heart's content. 

How to level up your Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard rewards track quicker

Projects are an easy way to boost your XP while levelling up your season pass.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

There isn't a definitive right or wrong approach to this, and the community offers a multitude of strategies. The effectiveness of a levelling method largely hinges on your confidence and ability to tackle more challenging tasks, which typically provide greater XP. More XP means faster progress through the Season Pass. 

One strategy is to take on the world events, such as hostage rescues, territory control, resource convoys, and broadcast stations. These are short encounters, but if you increase the difficulty you'll get more XP from them. I recommend leaving it on challenging at the most, unless you have a really powerful build, because you'll be able to complete them quicker, and you won't lose out on too much XP per activity. It's a good trade-off when speed is of the essence. 

The other method I like to employ is random matchmaking into heroic difficulty missions. You'll usually be dropped into a group of four, sometimes even a good way into the mission. XP is greater for defeated enemies, for completing the mission, and if there are any directives activated those will increase your gains as well. Blasting out heroic missions, even if you're a little lower powered, is speedy in a group of four. 

It's also worth keeping an eye on your projects, both daily and weekly, as each of these that is completed yields a sizeable XP reward. The easiest to complete is the weekly SHD requisition, which also rewards you with an exotic cache, simply for donating resources. You can also get XP pretty handily from Descent, the roguelike mode, though admittedly runs in there do take a fair bit of time. 

The key is to find something you're comfortable with, that gives good XP and you can complete quickly. 

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