How to get the new Like Glue and Thorn named shotguns in The Division 2 and instantly make them proficient

Like Glue named shotgun in The Division 2
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The Division 2 has just dropped its newest season, Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue, and along with that comes a range of new gear for players to get their hands on. Alongside the new exotic shotgun, Overlord, and the Acosta's Knee Guards exotic kneepads, there are some new named items added to the loot pool. 

In the case of two named shotguns, Like Glue and Thorn, during the first week of the season you can get both of them ridiculously easily. As a bonus, you'll also be able to instantly fill up their expertise and make them both proficient. Got a couple of minutes to spare? That's all you'll need. 

Like Glue and Thorn are both available from vendors during week one of First Rogue, but only for this first week. Come June 18 the vendors will reset, and they'll be gone, so get this one done right now. 

Brand new named weapon Like Glue is available immediately from the Theater vendor.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

They're both available from different vendors, one in Washington D.C., and one in New York. As such, despite the new one endgame approach where all players have the season pass, you will still need access to the Warlords of New York expansion to get both. 

First up, head to the Theater Settlement and hit the vendor there. Here you'll find Like Glue. Buy 20 of them, or 21 if you want to actually keep one for yourself. They're all the same roll from the vendor, so go and mark 20 of them as junk, but do not deconstruct them. 

Then open up the Tinkering Station menu, select Expertise, then press whatever key to donate all junk. On Xbox, this is the X button. Hold it for a second and all those weapons you just marked will be donated, and Like Glue should now show as proficient. If you didn't buy enough, just repeat the process until you see it completed. 

Thorn is available from Haven, so you'll need access to the New York map.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

We'll apply the same process to Thorn, too. Head over to Haven in the New York map, and go round to Roy Benitez. The regular vendor in the main hall doesn't have what you're looking for, so you have to go to Benitez. 

Then just do the same again. Buy 20 (or 21 if you want one for yourself), mark as junk, head into the Expertise menu and donate them. And there you go, within a couple of minutes you have both new named shotguns, and they're both proficient. 

The caveat here, of course, is having enough credits to burn through buying 40 weapons at nearly 16,000 credits each. If not, you have a few days to earn some more. 

Thorn is available from New York and has the same talent as Like Glue.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you don't have the expansion to acquire Thorn from the vendor, or you don't have enough credits to make them proficient instantly like this, you can still get the same result, albeit slower. Using the weapons will fill their proficiency meter over time, and both are available on the season pass and will have a chance of dropping in Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue caches. 

But if you're set up to take advantage, this is an easy way to add some more proficiency and get hold of two of the new weapons without having to put in any real effort. 

It's worth remembering also that right now on Xbox you can upgrade to the new Standard Edition of The Division 2 which includes the DLC expansion for next to nothing if you only own the base game. 

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