When does the Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update release?

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When does the next Minecraft update release?

Best answer: The next Minecraft update, known as the 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update, is officially releasing on June 13, 2024. The update will release simultaneously for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition on all supported platforms.

What is the next Minecraft update?

The next major Minecraft content update is the Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update, which was initially revealed at Minecraft Live 2023 (sans the name, which was announced later). The Tricky Trials update focuses on adventure, with its focal feature being the new Trial Chambers. These Trial Chambers are hidden, underground labyrinths filled with traps, puzzles, and trials that pit players against waves of dangerous enemies for a chance at rare loot and treasure.

There are also new mobs like the Breeze and the Bogged Skeleton, a brand-new weapon for the first time in a very long time, and a ton of other new features, changes, and improvements. However, it's not the largest update in the world, especially given that some of the features expected to arrive with the Tricky Trials update were actually released earlier (more on that below).

You can read our Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update FAQ for all the information you could possibly need on this update and all its features. As for its release date, Mojang Studios announced that the Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update is officially releasing on June 13, 2024. That matches my initial speculations that the update was on track for an early summer release, given how smoothly development seemed to be progressing.

When the update releases, it'll drop at the same time for all Minecraft versions and platforms, including on Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. As always, this is a free content update.

What was the previous Minecraft update?

Armadillos, new Wolves, and Wolf Armor. (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios | X)

The predecessor to the Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' update is not, in fact, the Minecraft 1.20 'Trails & Tales' update. Mojang Studios surprised players by spinning out several of the features being tested alongside 1.21 additions into its own separate update. Minecraft 1.20.5/80 'Armored Paws' was released on Apr. 23, 2024, for all platforms and includes three notable features: Armadillos, new Wolves, and Wolf Armor.

Armadillos were the winner of the Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote and are a neutral mob that curls into a defensive ball whenever it's startled. Players can breed but not tame them and can brush them to obtain Scutes, a valuable crafting material used to make Wolf Armor. As the name suggests, this is armor that protects your furry best friends from almost all forms of damage, and it can both be dyed and repaired while your Wolf wears it.

Finally, the Armored Paws update introduced seven new variants of Wolves, adding a ton of much-needed variety. Now, you can find different kinds of Wolves depending on your biome, and each Wolf is unique both in its appearance and its pack size. The feature list for the Armored Paws update isn't the largest, but it's still a very exciting release that made a lot of players very happy. Of course, the side effect of this update being released is that Minecraft 1.21 'Tricky Trials' is now a little smaller than expected.

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