Palworld Quartz: Locations and where to set up a mining base

Palworld Pure Quartz mining.
Pure Quartz is an important resource in Palworld. (Image credit: Windows Central)

As you continue to play Palworld, you'll soon find that you require Pure Quartz in order to build or craft certain things. Unfortunately, quartz isn't one of the most ubiquitous resources in Palworld, so you'll need to go to a very specific region if you want to farm a lot of it at a time. 

Don't worry. I'll show a map of what region exactly to go to get Palworld quartz and I'll also pinpoint a specific spot on the map that's ideal for setting up a quartz base. 

Palworld Pure Quartz loctions

You can find Pure Quartz in the snowy Astral Mountains in the north.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

There are a couple of reasons why Pure Quartz is difficult to get in Palworld. First off, it is rarer than some other materials and only spawns in the snowy Astral Mountains in the northern region of the map. Secondly, it's very cold up there so you will need to wear armor that makes you resistant to the cold. Even then, it can get so cold at night that you might need to have a fire Pal out to keep you from freezing. So make sure to travel prepared when you go to harvest Pure Quartz. 

I specifically recommend taking a fire flyer like Vanwyrm and a fire land mount like Pyrin while searching for Pure Quartz. Of course, if you plan to mine it yourself then you'll also need to bring a pickaxe with you. So make sure you have one crafted and in your inventory before you head north.

So what exactly are you looking for? Pure Quartz is similar in shape to Ore deposits, but it is more white-blue and black rather than reddish brown and has more crystalized formations sprouting from it. It can be found just about anywhere in these chilly mountains, such as in caverns, on frozen lakes, or on the side of the mountain. 

However, the very best place to find it is on top of a round mesa located to the southwest of the Unthawable Lake fast-travel statue. To be more clear, it's not too far into the snowy area when coming up from the green stretch of land to the south that has a bunch of ancient ruins. 

Where to set up a Pure Quartz mining base

Southwest of the Unthawable Lake fast travel point there's an ideal spot for setting up a Pure Quartz base.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you've unlocked the ability to do so, you might want to even set up a Pure Quartz base at this Pure Quartz spawning spot so that you can more easily maintain a steady flow of the valuable mineral. Set up this camp with some of your best mining Pals such as Digitoise, Reptyro, Quivern, Anubis, and Mammorest. Then check back and reap the rewards of their labors. 

With that all set up, you'll be rolling in Palworld Pure Quartz in no time and can continue to build and craft to your heart's content. 

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