Remnant 2: All possible choices for Meidre, and how to obtain Sorrow

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Remnant 2 is my favorite game so far this year. I've always had a soft spot for games like Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Surge, and others. This time around, Gunfire games introduces guns and laser beams into the equation. Melee is still and option, but you'll spend the majority of your boss-killing wielding some of the most original weapons since Doom.

Playing solo or coop, it doesn't matter. Remnant 2 features some of the best experiences to be had this summer in a video game. Come check it out and read our guide below on how best to conquer these worlds.

NPC Guide: Meidre

The Dappled Glade is a simple extension of the Forbidden Grove, or at least it was for me, I've also spotted it in the Faithless Thicket during coop. Regardless, you'll come across her in your travels somewhere in Yaesha. The highlight of the area being Meidra. She can be found phasing out of an enormous purple willow. She'll speak to you and give you a quiz that adds a corresponding trait depending on your answers.

Answer in a more devilish tone if you wish to obtain the Bloodstream trait, which increases grey health regen by 0.3 per second with each level. Give responses that are more of divine variety, and you receive Barkskin. This gives 1% damage reduction per level, up to a total of 10%. Arguably, to me, the slightly better trait to obtain. 

Check out the table below if you want to be 100% sure of your answers.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
QuestionDoe (Good response)Ravager (Bad response)
Do you give immortality to all or only a chosen few?All should share in the giftControlling the gift is better for everyone
Do you stop them or let them learn from their mistakes?Stop them for their own safetyLet them continue and learn what they will
Do you kill your patients to find the cure, or is it better to let the illness decide?I will not kill knowinglyKill the patients
Do you convict the innocent or risk your daughter's life?Free the innocentConvict the innocent
Do you save the family or do you let the family suffer by sparing the unwilling donor?Spare the healthy donorSpare the healthy donor
Do you give up one of your children, or face the threat of enemy soldiers?Risk death for us allGive up the weaker child
Do you report the thief, or allow the poor orphans to keep the coin?Report the thief and let the law decideThe orphans should have the money
Do you push the stranger or risk the death of five miners?Risk the death of the five miners Push the Stranger
Do you risk smothering the child to save yourself and the others?Risk being foundRisk smothering the child
Do you give him what he asks?Refuse the god's boonSacrifice the young Pan
Do you take your vengeance or turn the scum over to the authorities from whom he already escaped?Turn him into the authoritiesStrike my sibiling's killer down
Do you forgive them?Yes, I forgive themNo, they deserve it
Do you save your son or your granddaughter?Save my granddaughterave my son
Do you kill your patients to find the cure or is it better to let the illness decide?I will not kill willinglyKill the patients
Do you treat with the rebels, or do you preserve the peace?Speak with them. Hear them outPreserve the peace by any means necessary
Do you poison him, or do you turn a blind eye to his plots of revenge?Poison himTurn a blind eye
Do you abandon your fellow hostages, or face death together?Face death togetherAbandon fellow hostage
Do you slay the warrior or leave him to whatever fate may hold?Leave himSlay him
Do you torture your hostage or let the crowd fend for itself in the fire?Trust the crowd can fend for itselfBreak the son's arm
Do you aid the victims or attempt to destroy the goon?Help the VictimsStop the Goon, whatever it takes
Do you give the king the means to kill his enemies, or do you send them away and risk war?Let him kill his enemies on his own Give him the fruit and end the war

Weapon Guide: Sorrow

You may or may not already have the Tear of Kaeula, a ring from Kaeula's Rest. If you do, you have an opportunity to trade it for Sorrow, a five-shot crossbow with the built in weapon mod called Eulogy. This mod allows the user to recall bolts that deal a base 30 damage to enemies when being pulled from, as well as when striking enemies on the way back. Any additional bolts over 5 (the maximum capacity) will be issued to reserves. Every bolt returned also grants 2% health to the user. Not bad!

To obtain the tear, check out our Kaeula's Rest guide. As well as some of our others below!

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