Thanks to a misprice, my favorite controller is at its all-time lowest price right now — go quick before they change their mind!

The Xbox Dream Vapor Special Edition is the latest in a great line of Xbox Special Editions, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it when it launched in February this year. If you've had your eye on it, too, and been more patient than me, well, you're about to benefit by exactly $22, as that's how much Target has shaved off the price.  Though I'm not sure it's supposed to be this low... let me explain.

Target is running a promotion right now for Target Circle members, which is free to join. The promotion gives $10 off various Xbox controllers. Unfortunately, some of the cheaper standard colors have already flown out of stock. Still, the Dream Vapor is incorrectly listed at a retail price of $57.99 (it's actually $69.99 MSRP, as with all Special Editions). With the $10 off that Target is offering, it is down to $47.99. So go quick before they notice their blunder! 

Dream Vapor Special Edition Xbox controller | $69.99 now $47.99 at Target

To get this price, you'll need to join Target Circle which is completely free

Dream Vapor Special Edition Xbox controller | was $69.99 now $47.99 at Target

To get this price, you'll need to join
Target Circle which is completely free

Vaporize your competition or just sit and stare at its beautiful pink and purple swirls. The Dream Vapor is the latest in the Vapor range and features the rubberized grips of the much more expensive Elites. It is compatible with Xbox, Windows, Android, and iOS.

✅Perfect for:  If you want a wireless controller compatible with a wide range of devices like Xbox, Windows PC, iOS, and Android. With a share button for quick screenshots and the best ergonomic design in the business, this controller is so beloved.

❌Avoid it if: You prefer a controller with pro features like back buttons or adjustable thumb sticks.

💰Price check: $69.99 at Best Buy

What is Target Circle?

Target Circle is a membership offered by Target, giving you access to exclusive deals and perks including cashback, two-day shipping and an extra 30-day return window. We have a full explainer for Target Circle Membership, but it's totally free. There is no need to sign up to the Target Circle 360 tier to get this deal. 

Every Dream Vapor Xbox controller is unique

The beauty of the Dream Vapor is that the swirl pattern is different for each and every one of them. So you're getting a totally unique controller without splashing out on the Xbox Design Lab, which has a bunch of swirl design controllers, including the Dream Vapor, but starting at $79.98 before you've even made any customizations. The Dream Vapor is almost like a Design Lab cheat mode, if you will.

Out of all my collection,  I use the Dream Vapor the most right now, and that's because it's not just beautiful; the rubberized grips feel great and give me more control, and while I enjoy them on the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core, the Dream Vapor is much cheaper.

The Xbox controllers are incredibly versatile, as one of the few controllers available that connect wirelessly to the Xbox with no faff, and thanks to Bluetooth they can be used with a bunch of other devices too. Right now I've been using this particular controller with my Steam Deck while it's in docked mode. On a normal set of AA batteries, you can get around 40 hours of game time, or if you prefer you can use one of many other Xbox controller chargers. Don't just listen to me, though. Valve recently issued some interesting statistics on its customers' controller usage, and the Xbox controller came out on top. 59% of gamers who use a controller with Steam use Xbox controllers, compared to only 26% of PlayStation controllers. The numbers are undoubtedly due to the price difference between Xbox controllers and PlayStation, but of course, the Xbox controller is popular for its shape and asymmetric sticks, too. Price and performance are a winning combination. Made even better by deals like this.

If you're even remotely interested in the Dream Vapor, I implore you to go fast. Other colors in the Target sale, including the Red, Pink, and Green variants, have already gone out of stock. Not to mention that the original price of this particular controller is $69.99, and Target has taken $10 off the incorrect starting price of $57.99. Either way, I can't see this controller sticking around at this price for long, so go go go!

Jennifer Young

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