The Logitech G Cloud and its thousands of games is $100 off right now

Logitech G Cloud held in hand with Xbox Cloud Gaming.
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The Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are great, but there is one surprisingly capable alternative in the cloud-centric Logitech G Cloud handheld console. Now, for a limited time, the G Cloud is back down to its lowest price ever with a special promotional code from Logitech. $350? Nah, the G Cloud can currently be had for just $250 (and you get free shipping).

Logitech G Cloud | $349.99 $249.99 at Logitech with code "LOGISPRING"

Logitech G Cloud | $349.99 $249.99 at Logitech with code "LOGISPRING"

For a limited time, the Logitech G Cloud handheld console is back down to its lowest price ever thanks to a direct-from Logitech promotion. Use code LOGISPRING to shave $100 off this surprisingly capable machine, and get free shipping with your order.

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The Logitech G Cloud is powered by the Android operating system, which means two things: It doesn't have the catered, native library of established behemoths like the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, but it does have access to literally thousands of games across the Google Play Store, emulation apps, and cloud services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Steam Link.

The Logitech G Cloud is especially fantastic at streaming the best Xbox games through Microsoft's cloud gaming service, so it's well suited to players looking to access those Xbox games when away from their console or even players who don't own an Xbox console at all. In our Logitech G Cloud review, I concluded that the device is an "excellent, albeit imperfect, vision of a future that I now fully understand and embrace." I still use my Logitech G Cloud all the time to play Xbox games.

Right now, the Logitech G Cloud's staggeringly high price tag of USD $349.99 is being sliced to a much more palatable $249.99 at Logitech, as long as you remember to use the code LOGISPRING at checkout. Logitech is also offering free shipping on the device. If you want, you could turn around and spend some of your savings on the official Logitech G Cloud Carrying Case to protect your device, which isn't included in the box.

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