The new Fallout 4 update makes a staggering visual difference and fixes almost all initial next-gen patch issues on Xbox

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What you need to know

  • Fallout 4, the award-winning post-apocalyptic RPG created by Bethesda, has received a new patch.
  • The new update adds options for 30/40/60 FPS modes.
  • It also fixes an issue created by the original next-gen patch.

After the launch of the TV show, Fallout is the craze. Millions around the world are playing Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 76, and more. For those unfamiliar, Fallout is an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. The world is uniquely threaded with advanced technology mixed with a 1950s aesthetic. Created by Bethesda, the award-winning studio behind games like The Elder Scrolls and Starfield, they recently released a patch that found mixed results amongst its users.

The first patch launched across Xbox, PC, and PlayStation 5. While it did address some issues related to gameplay, the primary focus of the update was on the introduction of new performance and non-performance modes. Unfortunately, the non-performance mode on Xbox initially did not function as intended and didn't offer any distinctive features compared to the performance mode. However, the latest update seems to have resolved these issues, making the non-performance mode a viable option for players seeking a different gaming experience.

A Reddit user named JamesIV4 took to the platform with a rather interesting set of screenshots depicting the difference before and after the recent update. In them, he provided convenient sliders that quickly demonstrated the difference. It looks entirely different!

The world in Fallout 4 has been rightfully recreated with a massively increased draw distance. The level of detail is now on par with Ultra settings on PC. More trees, more buildings, and more intricate details are part of the landscape, both far and near.

The difference is staggering, almost draw-dropping. It amazes me that the initial version launched on Xbox consoles. Clearly, the original intent of the performance mode toggle didn't work at all, so how did it pass inspection? Either way, I'm glad it is working now, and it has added options as well!

As reported by Alexander Cope, the update has brought in new options, including 30/40/60 FPS, which can be used with either performance or non-performance mode settings. While this information is not official, the YouTube channel Fuzion Xbox Testing has already conducted a benchmark of the latest update. They reported a near-consistent 60 FPS throughout their gameplay in non-performance mode, with a target of 60 FPS.

One point of annoyance, users are still reporting an issue with V.A.T.S. As show here, by bjbgamer on Reddit, V.A.T.S. targets enemies through walls. At times, it'll drop to 0% when enemies are in plain sight. All in all, the system is completely broken and needs another patch to amend the issue.

Now that it's fixed, are you eager to jump back into the world of Fallout 4? Maybe you already are; if so, are you enjoying the latest fixes? Check out some of the best Xbox mods while you're at it. Let us know below or somewhere on social media what you like or what you wish was added! As always, happy gaming.

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