This collector bought a third-party Xbox controller that turned out to be worth $500

PDP Halo Wars 2 Banished controller
(Image credit: Marlbsmann on Youtube)

If there is anything Xbox does well, it's special edition accessories. For a long time, Xbox has made covetable controllers and consoles, with the latest Spongebob Squarepants Xbox Series X having people sweating in online queues at Best Buy. That doesn't stop third-party brands from making unusual controllers too, as we've seen from brands like PDP, Rock Candy and PowerA — with some older models actually being worth a pretty penny on eBay as this collector found. Not just a penny but around $500.

Marlbsmann, as he goes by on Youtube, is an avid collector of Xbox controllers, both first and third party, and recently posted an exciting find with collaborator Tigger. The pair discussed how they purchased bundles of controllers from thrift stores such as Goodwill, where you're taking a gamble on how many controllers work. Within one particular bundle that Tigger only paid $24 for was quite a prize. It appears even Goodwill didn't even know the controllers worth. 

The PDP Halo Wars 2 Banished Controller. There were only 5000 of these controllers ever sent to market 7 years ago, and collectors go wild for them. In fact they sell for anything between $400-$600 on eBay. If you have one sitting in your back drawer, it might be time to cash that baby in.

The controller collectors discussed some tips when buying bundles online, such as using reverse image search to check what the controller is. However, Tigger didn't check this PDP variant and found himself quids in when the bundle arrived. You can check out the full video below, and I recommend you give Malbsmann a follow if you're into Special Edition controllers, as he has quite an impressive collection.

I'm not surprised that old Halo merchandise is worth a fair few dollars online, but I was surprised it came from a third-party brand like PDP. My own interest in collecting controllers has mainly centred around official Xbox variants, and there are some extremely rare ones that also go for a chunk of cash online. None of which I'm the lucky owner of, but perhaps you are?

Halo 5: Guardians controllers 

Not as exceptionally rare as the PDP Halo variant, and certainly not fetching $500, but the Halo 5 Guardians controllers are worth checking auction prices now and again. Unboxed, they are only worth around $50-60 now, but if you're lucky to have a pristine boxed controller, I've known these go for anything between $150-$250 on eBay, extra points if you still have the included DLC. They released as a pair back in 2018 and came in unique decorative boxes similar to that with the Titanfall controller which topped my list of best Special Edition Xbox controllers

Pizza Hut controller

Yes really, Xbox made a limited edition Pizza Hut controller. This edition came out in 2016 as part of a competition where you needed to order a specific pizza combo to be in with a chance of winning an Xbox One S and this bright red controller. It's not particularly remarkable, but it is rare. I believe only 1,140 would have been in circulation if the competition terms are to go by. This lucky Redditor managed to bag a broken one on eBay and fix it up, and right now they go for between $350-$450 on the auction site. 

X019 DPM Controller

(Image credit: Ebay)

Xbox fan events are a good opportunity to grab some collector's items, and it goes without saying that the limited edition goodies from events like X0 will have crazy resale value now. There are no current listings for the Sugar Skull controller available at X018 in Mexico for me to gauge a value, but I do know that only 1000 of the DPM Controller made were available at X019. These are perhaps one of the most expensive collectible Xbox controllers, going for anything from $500 to $1000

Don't throw away that controller

While you may not have one of the insanely costly controllers mentioned above, you'd be surprised what people will pay for an unusual controller, it only takes the right collector to be looking, and if we've learnt anything from the PDP Halo Wars controller, it doesn't even need to be an official Xbox device. Another tip I've found is that the controllers included with previous colors of the Xbox One S tend to be covetable as they couldn't be purchased on their own, so Deep Blue, Storm Grey, and Military Grey, to name a few. I unfortunately sold a deep purple Fortnite Xbox One S years ago that I wish I'd held on to now, who knows, in 20 years that controller could pay for my retirement!

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  • TheFreakinBear
    I've got a number of pretty 'rare' controllers to include that PDP controller, a Pizza Hut, Pringles, Maxibon, prototype, Arby's fight stick, amongst some others. The PDP controller caught me by surprise and I remember looking it up to figure out what it was and immediately messaged Marlbs haha.
  • killshot4077
    hey that’s my controller! Neat to see it in an article here haha.