Get $90 of in-app credits for Gameloft games when you upgrade to a new Lumia smartphone

If you have an older Nokia or Lumia smartphone that you will want to update to a newer model, such as the recent Lumia 640, you will also be able to get some free stuff from Gameloft. Microsoft has just announced a new promotion that will give current Nokia or Lumia owners $90 of in-game credits to three Gameloft games when they upgrade to a new Lumia smartphone.

Here's the breakdown of how the free credits will be handled:

"In "Asphalt Overdrive," you'll be rewarded with a "Safe of Gold" valued at $19.99 while "Pastry Paradise" will give aspiring chefs a yummy "Pot of Medals" also valued at $19.99. And "Rival Knights" fans can enjoy a "Barrel of 1,350 Gems" valued at $49.99!"

After you buy your new Lumia phone, you can get the free credits by downloading and installing the Switch Gift app from the Windows Phone Store on that device. Microsoft says:

  • Once the app validates your new phone, enter the 15-digit IMEI number from your old device. It can be found in the "About" section of your phone's settings.
  • Following successful validation of your old Nokia or Lumia, you'll be asked to enter your email address.
  • The app will email you with activation codes and instructions for your Gameloft gift pack.
  • Activate your codes and start gaming!

This offer appears to just be for people who currently own a Nokia or Lumia phone, so if you have an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device, this deal may not work. The good news is that this offer lasts until November 30, so it's possible that Microsoft could release their rumored Windows 10 Mobile flagship phones before it expires.

Download Switch Gift from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: Switch Gift

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}; Thanks to Todd for the tip!

  • I sold my 520 and bought 640 XL without noting down its IMEI no. :P
  • It wil be still linked on ur microsoft account. Open login to ur account and open my phone u will get its old phone's imei no ;)
  • gave away the box and bill too?
  • Yeah sold along with the box
    I have even disconnected it with my account
  • Your service provider will have a record of the meid of past phones on your account. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Problem is there's nothing to upgrade to.
  • 640 on Tmo....maybe not.
  • Cool. Maybe I'll upgrade my icon. Wait, it's the best phone right now. Oh well.
  • Really now?
  • Let me guess you think he should downgrade to the 735 on Verizon
  • Launch the 840 I LL do it soon XD
  • That's too much work for the consumer. Microsoft knows exactly which phone each user is using. Why not just send the credit as soon as that phone is activated under under the user account for the first time?
  • Well hopefully that new flagship comes out soon then
  • Offer ends November 30... NEW Flagship phones available December 1. lol
  • So its games not app credit
  • Its rather 'IN' App..its never called in game purchases
  • I'd rather have credits for the windows phone store, so I could buy proper games and not consumable in app purchase nonsense.
  • Agreed MS credits would be more welcome even if was just a tenner
  • But for new phones between 5-6 to 30-11 2015 huh... Well played Microsoft :'(
  • Its gamesloft.
  • But app is from Microsoft mobile
  • addz77 - the promoter is Microsoft, not Gamesloft. So blame them :)
  • Hint read the t&c's
  • Well thank goodness there are still some perks to owning a Lumia that haven't been given to all windows phones.
  • Well this would be a great article to repost when the alleged Talkman/Cityman Lumias come out!
  • How long does this deal last?
  • Till November end, but for lumias purchased from today onwards :'(
  • It works on lumias bought earlier as i had upgraded to my lumia 640 XL somewhere arnd 25th may and i was able to avail the offer
  • How? By the way, congrats. :)
  • Just download the app and let it verify your imei number
  • And from selected retailers.....
  • Until November 30th, as stated in the article ;)
  • Oops, my eyes must've jumped past that part of the article. Thanks, and sorry haha. I swear I read the articles.
  • Guess who brought a new Lumia on the 4th?
  • LOL! .... I think you can try your luck, as motioned in the comment above if you own a L640/XL it will work for you. ...... Good luck!
  • Tried it doesn't work on my 640 bought only a few weeks ago :'(
  • Same here. My Lumia 640 was rejected also.
  • When I buy a new Lumia?!? Ha! What new Lumia!?! MSFT actually has to release new phones for that! /s
  • Exactly......
  • In the US, I'm sure they will release something like a 335 with 256 RAM soon.   Exclusive to MetroPCS... /s
  • +335 lol Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 XL
  • If they said they gave out rubies in Battle Odyssey I'd consider "upgrading" the old fat 920 to a 640 as an emergency back up behind my ATIV.
  • If only Microsoft would give me a new one worth buying... (as I hold my 1520 which eligible for an upgrade)
  • Well they need to release the 640s so we can buy them
  • I'll upgrade once Microsoft flagship windows phone comes out. I don't bother about this offer
  • I was just about to complain that they want you to upgrade your phone when they don't even have any new high end phones available!!!! But lucky the offer doesn't end until November!!!!
    Although I'm looking for a replacement to my 1020, I've seen the rumors of a 940/940XL, but both of those are slated to have a 20MP camera, which I know will probably be the best 20MP camera on the market because of Nokia/Microsoft technologies, but still after you've had a 41MP camera, with all the Technologies and replaced your point and shoot with your phone, you really do need a proper replacement and something that isn't so disappointing I'm sure everyone has listed their perfect phone, I don't want something the highest spec possible just something worthy of all that technology in the phone like:
    Hecta/Octa core Chipset
    If the chipset is lower then at least have a dedicated processor for the camera like they did with the NPV808
    3GB Ram
    1080p Screen
    41MP camera or more
    Xonon and LED flash
    64GB Memory with some dedicated One Drive Space which doesn't expire or unlimited storage ala Google
    At least 5" screen
    And of course Windows 10 with Continuum...
  • Anyone know if any/all these games have online save or account linking? I use multiple devices and am planning on getting the 640 on T-Mobile this month and a flagship in the fall.
  • Hi Arenys, If you have same os then use the same login to setup the phone and all the apps you purchased are available across devices include PC where applicable. i got abt more than 1 winphone and 2 systems on which i am able to access the games. Some of the games may not be available on low end devices those are the only restrictions.    
  • The other restriction is that save games do not carry over to your new/other device.
  • Hey K Raghu, my question is about the game saves/data not accessing the games which I know are attached to my Microsoft account. Either way its not applicable because these are free games not purchased ones.
  • Talkman and/or Cityman onry!!!
  • It might have been just a glitch but I've used the app on my girlfriends Lumia 730 and entered the IMEI of my 930 (since it is not considered "new"). Even though we have different accounts I got an email with the code and got the in-app money for my account.
  • There was some crapware called "Gameloft Hub" pre-installed and even pinned on my 640 when it came out of the box. Silly company.
  • Was 3 days out =/
  • Honestly, I don't need an incentive to buy a replacement Lumia phone. I just want there to BE a suitable replacement Lumia phone for me to buy. Yes, I'm one of the day 1 Lumia 920 users that was still in-contract when the 1020 came out, and then no 1020 successor ever arrived. I'm still holding out for a high-end phone (e.g. "Lumia 940/1040") that has dual-SIM capability so I don't have to carry around two phones (one work and one personal). And Windows Hello support would be an awesome addition.
  • For months when I've opened the Pastry Paradise App on my phone I've received the following message "Coming Soon! More delicious levels are on their way, and they'll soon be ready for you to play!" The ios and android apps were updated with new levels 3 months ago, windows phone wasn't. So if I decide to upgrade my phone and go through the procedure above I will receive an in app purchase to help play non existant new levels? Also the pastry paradise game app provides no clear guidelines on what to do to back up or transfer game progress to another device.
  • From selected retailers... USA only I guess then?....
  • So my mum has a Lumia 625 but she doesnt play games. If I put the app on her phone, can I enter the imei of my 1520 to get the credit?
  • Not for Asphalt 8. So pretty much useless to me.
  • Still wouldn't buy a WP device, atleast till MS releases some good WP device
  • Hopefully this lasts till I see a 740 or the 940 in the market.