Grab Corsair's K57 RGB wireless gaming keyboard on sale for $80

Corsair K57 Wireless Rgb
Corsair K57 Wireless Rgb

The Corsair K57 RGB wireless gaming keyboard has dropped to $79.99 on Amazon. This keyboard was selling for as much as $100 before the holiday shopping season and has settled around $90 since the end of the year. This drop to $80 is the first time since last August we have seen it go this low. You can also find it going for this price at retailers like Walmart and Newegg, although it is still as high as $100 at Target and other places.

Corsair K57 RGB wireless gaming keyboard

Corsair K57 RGB wireless gaming keyboard

Includes Corsair's Slipstream wireless for sub-1ms low-latency Bluetooth. Also go USB wired. Get per-key RGB backlighting and six programmable macro keys. Includes a detachable soft rubber palm rest and dedicated volume and multimedia controls.

The Corsair K57 is a hybrid keyboard that uses both wired and wireless connectivity. It connects via USB, and you won't even notice much of a difference if you choose to use it wirelessly instead. That's because the wirelessly connection takes advantage of Corsair's hyper-fast Slipstream feature which gives you sub-1ms low-latency Bluetooth. The keyboard won't feel like it's wireless when you're typing.

Another feature of the K57 is the per-key RGB backlighting. Light it up. Set up some effects. Do whatever you want with these keys. They use capellix LEDs that shine brighter without consuming more power compared to conventional RGB lighting.

You'll also get six programmable macro keys. Set these up to execute complex commands and remap the keys to your preferences. You'll be able to do more in game and stress less when there's a lot to press at once.

The rubber palm rest that comes with the keyboard is detachable. Reduce stress on your wrists during long typing sessions and find the perfect comfort for yourself. The K57 also has dedicated volume controls and multimedia keys to help you easily control what you're watching. These controls can be extra helpful when you're in game and don't want to have to tab out or minimize what you're doing to adjust these settings.

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