Grab the Philips Hue Play starter kit for $50 off with a bonus $50 gift card

The Philips Hue Play starter kit is down to $99.99 at Best Buy. This deal also comes with a free $50 gift card on top of the savings of the main kit, which normally sells for around $150 or so. We've never really seen this starter kit go this low before, and we've definitely never seen it include an extra $50 gift card on top of any savings. That's basically a shift of $100 in your favor for an item that only sells for a bit more than that.

Philips Hue Play starter kit with gift card

Philips Hue Play starter kit with gift card

Sign in with your My Best Buy account. The kit comes with two multi-color Ambiance Play Bars, the Philips Hue bridge, and the power supply you need. The $50 gift card can be spent on future purchases, like more lighting for your new Hue network.

If you want to add some ambiance and color to your gaming sessions, this is the way to do it. It's like bias lighting. You can put it on the floor, stand it on a cabinet, or mount it to the back of your TV. The starter kit will paint your wall in light, and it gives you everything you need to set it all up.

The kit comes with two Philips Hue white and color Ambiance Play bars and the Philips Hue bridge. All Philips Hue devices need a bridge to connect to your Wi-Fi network, so this is the perfect kit if you've never started a Philips Hue system before. The bridge will give you the ability to sync these light bars with your smart home. That lets you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit to control the lights with your voice. You can even pair them with other products like Nest or Samsung SmartThings or Razer Chroma gear.

These bars aren't light strips. They don't need to be placed strategically out of the way. The light bars can be placed upright and standing in a cabinet or mounted behind your screen using clips and the double-sided tape that's included. And thanks to the included power supply unit, you'll only take up one socket.

The promotional $50 gift card will be sent to you after the product is fulfilled or picked up in store. You'll need a valid email to claim it, which shouldn't be a problem since you need a valid email to even see the deal. Use this card however you want on a future purchase, but you could definitely start by adding more light bars to your new setup or a light strip, which also happens to be on sale for $10 off to My Best Buy members.

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