Grab the Roku Ultra 4K streaming device for a low price of $66 at Walmart

Roku Ultra 4k Streaming Media
Roku Ultra 4k Streaming Media

You can get the Roku Ultra 4K media streaming device on sale for just $66.01 at Walmart. That's $34 off its regular price and a much better deal than you'll find at other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. This deal is within $3 of the best price we've seen this year.

Walmart is also the only place you can find the Roku Ultra LT, a lighter version of the Ultra. The 2020 version dropped to $49 in anticipation of an updated 2021 version, and that version is on sale to match the Ultra above at $66.01 instead of its release price of $79. All the Ultra devices are at the top of Roku's product lineup, so you won't be hurting for fast, awesome content to watch no matter which one you choose.

Roku has a great lineup of products that regularly go on sale. The Ultra is the top of the line, though, and hardly ever drops the way it is dropping right now. This is a media streaming device that does it all, and it's designed to make your binge watching as effortless as possible. That includes new features like the Fast Channel Launch, which will actually make the launch times for the big channels that you tune into regularly much faster on the platform. You can even use the enhanced remote to customize two personal shortcut buttons that will take you where you want to go. Jump right into your favorite app with a single touch.

Watch your favorite content in HD resolutions, 4K, or even with HDR support if you have a TV that supports it. The Ultra includes dual-band Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port for an even stronger connection. Control everything you're watching with the included voice remote, and there's even a lost remote finger should you misplace it. The headphone jack can be used for private listening, and it comes with a pair of JBL headphones for that very purpose.

Use the headphones however you want, even with your smartphone. You can download the free Roku app on iOS or Android. It gives you access to private listening, voice search, and platform control.

Of course, none of that matters without full access to the ever-expanding Roku content library. That includes all your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max in addition to a total of 500,000 movies and TV shows you can watch.

As one of Walmart's rollback prices during the month of October, this is just the start of what Walmart has planned in the days leading up to Black Friday. Get ready to save and save big this year.

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