Hands-on with tabs in File Explorer on Windows 11 build 22572 (video)

File Explorer Tabs Hero Fixed
File Explorer Tabs Hero Fixed (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 Build 22572 is live and contains a host of new features.
  • Tabs in the File Explorer is the big one for this release, though it's not yet official (you won't find it in the changelog).
  • New apps and utilities are also in the build, including the integration of Clipchamp.

People have waited a long time for this moment and their patience has been rewarded: Tabs in the File Explorer. Windows 11 Build 22572 finally brings the requested feature to users, though it's not part of the build's changelog. You can see the tabulated glory firsthand in our video, but the gist is straightforward enough: No longer will you have to spam File Explorer windows to see multiple things. Now you can just add a new tab without losing your initial search results. Innovation!

There's also a new Family app built right into the build that gives you the ability to keep track of family members. Just add their Microsoft account to the app and you'll be able to set up content filters, screentime limits, get location notifications, and more. We show off the whole gamut of Family app utilities in the hands-on, in the event you want the full scoop.

In other news, Quick Assist can now be updated by the Microsoft Store, which is handy. And there's Clipchamp, otherwise known as Microsoft's video editing service acquisition from a few months ago that has now integrated into Windows 11 as a preloaded web app for your editing needs. It's nowhere near as robust or utility-loaded as more dedicated video editors on the market, but as a preloaded option, it's handy for making quick, bite-sized content (clips, if you will).

There's even more under the hood of Build 22572, so watch the hands-on for a thorough exploration of the latest big features as well as the interesting minutia.

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  • You can still rearrange third-party icons on the tray area of the taskbar via drag and drop, right?
  • Tabs are great. What I really would like is to have two tabs in one window side by side.
    That would be amazing.
  • Yes for tabs in Explorer. A long wait....
  • Great video! Love to see the new stuff, especially because I don't currently have a system that can put into the Insider program. Excited about the Explorer tabs and just the fact that it shows MS is really doing new things with Windows. That's great. I also like to see MS featuring their Family app more prominently. That's great for those of us who are parents. I hope with the push for more family features, they add an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass family plan too. That may be off topic. :-)
  • Any idea if tabs in file explorer will come to windows 10? Thanks!
  • I have no inside knowledge but I'd be surprised if it happened.
  • Yeah, I don't know, but I wouldn't expect it. MS ought to limit their UI development to 11 at this point. I say this as a guy who still works mostly on Windows 10. For non-essential and non-security advances, I'd recommend those be limited to Windows 11 going forward. (Maybe some gaming advances should go to both 10 and 11).
  • Long waiting for tabs
  • Dear Lord, even with the "wonderful new feature", the still won't have side by side explorer support for simple and intuitive drag and drop. Just install the free MultiCommander program which did this, literally, a decade ago. Tabs, side by side, enhanced search, etc. No, I'm not a shill for MC, just a long time user frustrated by MS inability to do even the most simple things that would help its user base .....
  • Tom, that's what third-party support is for: functions that a minority of the user base cares about or needs. I know it's great when MS adds something that you or I specifically want, but there are also positives in keeping the OS UI lean and fast, which means only adding the most essential features that have broad appeal. Fortunately, one of the great strengths to Windows is that it's open to third party add-ons to provide functions that aren't native to the OS.
  • I get your point, but I doubt that side by side tabs is something only a subset of users would want.
    It's a massive productivity boost and that's what Windows always was and is about.
  • If you could link to your feedback on the feedback hub perhaps everyone could jump on board and support the request 👍
  • Ah, Clip Champ, something else to remove as bloat. As much as I enjoy 11, there's still an install followed to a series of uninstalls. Actually glad TIW11 exists, makes for much easier installations with multiple machines in the house and office.