Barely a month old, the Meta Quest 3 deals are already here, but act fast!

The Meta Quest 3 only launched in mid-October so we weren't really expecting it to be part of the Black Friday fun. That hasn't stopped Newegg, though, where you can score yourself a special bundle that includes the headset, a free game (when it launches), a gift card and, on the 512GB model, 6 months of free access to Meta+. 

Meta Quest 3 128GBnow $499.99 at Best Buy

Meta Quest 3 128GB | now $499.99 at Best Buy

Grab a free copy of the upcoming title Asgards Wrath 2 and a $15 Meta gift card with the 128GB version to put towards some new content for your shiny new headset. 

Meta Quest 3 512GB | now $649.99 at Newegg

Meta Quest 3 512GB | now $649.99 at Newegg

The beefed up 512GB version of the Quest 3 can be had with a free copy of Asgards Wrath 2, a $25 Meta gift card and 6-months free access to Meta+

✅Perfect for: Wireless or PC-based VR, those upgrading from a Quest 2

❌Avoid it if: You want the highest-end VR headset as alternatives like the Valve Index still have more to offer. 

👀Alternative deal: $499.99 at New Egg (128GB w/ free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate),  $649.99 at Best Buy (512GB, no gift card or Meta+)


The Meta Quest 3 is the best all-rounder for VR fans today

Meta Quest 3

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The artist formerly known as Oculus, the Meta Quest 3 is the latest incarnation in a popular and successful lineup of VR headsets. As you'd expect, it's more powerful than its predecessor, but there are some important changes beyond just making it more. 

One of the biggest new focuses is on a proper mixed reality experience, with significant upgrades to the external cameras. Glasses wearers like myself are also better taken care of, with no additional hardware required to strap into the Quest 3. Visuals are much better, too, and there's no shortage of content to experience on it.

Our pals at Android Central reviewed the Meta Quest 3 and gave it a healthy 4.5/5. 

The Meta Quest 3 is a superb follow-up to the most successful VR headset of all time. It addresses many complaints we had about the Quest 2 including better lenses with proper IPD adjustment, a significantly slimmer frame, better software, and better cameras for mixed-reality capture.

Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central

I haven't tried a Meta Quest 3 yet, but I've owned a Quest 2 for some time and absolutely love it. It's still about the only time I'll exercise and enjoy myself, ending up in a sweaty heap after some Beat Saber or Synth Riders. Beat Saber alone is reason enough to buy a Meta Quest 3. Xbox fans will also soon be able to play their favorite games on the Quest 3 via the cloud, if you needed anything else to tip the balance. 

This bundle at Newegg doesn't actually discount the price of the headset, but it tosses in some freebies that definitely make it the one to buy. Both versions will come with a Meta gift card to put towards content for your new headset, while the 512GB version comes with 6 months access to Meta+. This subscription service will give you a couple of games every month, so you'll get 12 in total for no extra charge with this bonus. It's a little pricier, but with much more storage on offer, it's worth it if you can stretch your budget. 

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