The XPS 17 is 'perfect as a work laptop, family laptop' but this $700 discount on the PC ends soon

The Dell XPS 17 is the largest laptop from the well-known Ultrabook lineup, and right now you can get that massive laptop at a sizeable discount, but the deal isn't long for this world. The XPS 17 is up to $700 off for Dell TechFest, which ends on April 1, 2024. Some deals end before the event as well. That deal saves you hundreds of dollars on a powerful PC that's "perfect as a work laptop, family laptop, or a station for creative project," according to our XPS 17 review.

With Dell TechFest in full swing, many of the best Dell XPS deals are live, so if you're looking for a smaller laptop or a different device, make sure to browse all of Dell's discounts.

Dell XPS 17 | $2,399 now $1,699 at Dell

Dell XPS 17 | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $2,399 now $1,699 at Dell

Despite having a 17-inch display, the Dell XPS 17 is as compact as possible thanks to its thin bezels. This particular model has a 13th Gen Intel Core i7, an NVIDIA RTX 4060, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. Those are some of the most modest specs available, but it's also the most affordable XPS 17.

Dell XPS 17 review highlights

Dell XPS 17 (9730) right side ports.

The XPS 17 earned high marks in our review for its slim design, amazing performance, and great 4K touchscreen. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

The Dell XPS 17 earned a 4/5 in our review. The laptop's slim design, performance, 4K touchscreen, and four Thunderbolt 4 ports earned it praise. The laptop did, however, receive criticism for its 720p camera, lack of USB-A or HDMI ports, and lack of an OLED option.

"Dell has repeatedly demonstrated that it knows how to make a laptop look powerful but in an understated sort of way, and that's once more the case with the classy XPS 17 (9730)," said our Rebecca Spear. 

"It has the same overall look and chassis as the previous year's model, which is unsurprising since Dell tends to use the same design for several years before moving on to a new one. This design, in particular, has been used since mid-2020."

While the XPS 17 does have some limitations, Spear was overall high on the laptop. "Dell's XPS 17 (9730) is a powerful laptop thanks to its strong processors and fast reading and writing speeds," said Spear. "It's up to almost any task making it perfect as a work laptop, family laptop, or a station for creative projects. Thanks to the powerful GPU, it also has decent graphical abilities to handle all of your hobbies and gaming desires to a good extent."

XPS 17 vs XPS 16

Dell XPS 16

Dell's XPS 16 also features a large screen, but it has a more modern design than the XPS 17 and has an Intel Core Ultra CPU. (Image credit: Dell)

Dell introduced two new XPS laptop sizes earlier this year, the XPS 14 and XPS 16. The latter features a 16.3-inch display, which is awfully close in size to the 17-inch screen of the XPS 17. While the screen sizes of the two laptops are similar, their overall designs, feature sets, and internals are quite different.

The XPS 17 has the classic XPS design that many are familiar with. Dell shipped iterative improvements to the XPS 17 each year, resulting in a refined design with thin bezels, a large trackpad, and a traditional keyboard. In many ways, the XPS 17 is the pinnacle of classic XPS design.

In contrast, the XPS 16 has the modern XPS design seen in the XPS 13 Plus, new XPS 13, and XPS 14. That design includes a zero-lattice keyboard, an invisible haptic trackpad, and a row of haptic function keys. I personally prefer the modern design over the classic one, and it seems Dell agrees. The company sold the XPS 13 Plus alongside the classic XPS 13 for a while before shifting all XPS 13 laptops to the new design. There's a good chance we'll see a similar shift with other XPS sizes.

The newer XPS 16 also has an option for an OLED display. The XPS 17 is not available with an OLED screen, which is unfortunate.

Internals also differ between the XPS 17 and XPS 16. The XPS 17 runs on a 13th Gen Intel Core processor, with the discounted model above having a Core i7-13700H. The XPS 16 runs on a newer Intel Core Ultra 7 processor. Both laptops are available with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-Series GPUs.

Both the XPS 17 and XPS 16 are impressive laptops. The $700 discount on the XPS 17 makes it an attractive option, especially if you like the classic design of the XPS family of laptops. If you need the latest and greatest specs and love the modern design of the XPS 16, you'll also be happy.

Dell XPS 16 | $1,899 now $1,699 at Dell

Dell XPS 16 | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $1,899 now $1,699 at Dell

This big beauty of a laptop has the modern design that's rolling out to Dell's XPS laptop lineup. It runs on up to an Intel Core Ultra 9 paired with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070. It also has up to a 16.3-inch 4K+ OLED display, which should be among the best you can get on an Ultrabook.

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  • Patrick Wingert
    I have three Dell laptops. All three have had at least two motherboard repalcements under warrenty My XPS17 had now had a failure of the video unit and needs another new motherboard. TOtal cost from Dell $2700. The whole machine only cost me $2800 when I bought it! They also want $400 for labor to replace it Actual time to replace mother board is about 20 minutes tank make it $1200 an hour charge). No thankyou! Dell;s quality has gone won a lot in recent years and their support is aimed at finding ways to make you pay instead of actualyl helping you.
  • prfraczek
    experience with my 9500. Unusable track pad, oversaturated colours not fixable, constantly spinning fan even while scrolling, WiFi killer adapter nightmare. I paid £2400. Seriously Dell is the worse device I’ve ever had.