Razer Synapse and Chroma software get nice upgrades just in time for Razer's new Aether smart lights

Images of the New Razer Synapse, Razer Chroma app, and Razer Aether products.
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What you need to know

  • During RazerCon 2023, Razer announced some major, much-needed upgrades for its software.
  • The New Razer Synapse is 30% faster than Synapse 3.0 on average, takes up less system resources, and is far more stable.
  • Now, there's a standalone Razer Chroma app for full RGB customization without the resource overhead of Razer Synapse.
  • That new Razer Chroma app will be useful, as Razer is unleashing a new Aether line of RGB smart lights.

It's RazerCon 2023, and that means a look at exactly what Razer has been working on across its vast gaming portfolio. Sure, hardware may be the most exciting for most people, but software is just as important for a reliable and pleasant user experience. Fortunately, Razer has announced some much-needed upgrades for its own software, which should make them faster, easier to use, and more reliable. Oh, and it may help with Razer's new product line.

First up is the New Razer Synapse, which will replace Razer Synapse 3.0 for managing and customizing your various Razer devices. A brand-new user interface looks sleeker and is much easier to navigate. The new app is also more stable, with a multi-threaded architecture allowing processes to run independently of each other. What does that mean? Mostly, it means that installing or upgrading one device won't interrupt any of your other Razer devices.

Most important for most users will be the vastly improved performance and efficiency. The New Razer Synapse will be less resource intensive on your computer, but it'll also perform 30% faster on average than Synapse 3.0. That's pretty awesome. You can sign up for the New Razer Synapse beta for free at Razer.

Razer Synapse still includes all the Razer Chroma controls you need to customize the RGB lighting on your various Razer devices (and lights from supported partners), but not everyone wants to install the far heavier Synapse just for Razer Chroma. That's why Razer is also spinning out Razer Chroma as a separate standalone app, which is a lot easier on your computer and should run faster, too. All of the controls and options you're used to are here, just separated from Synapse. You'll be able to download the Razer Chroma app for free at Razer.

This app might be particularly useful for anyone taking advantage of Razer's new line of products: Aether.

Razer Aether is a line of Razer Chroma-enabled smart lights straight from Razer, which will help people elevate their gaming setups to the next level. Actually, it can be used anywhere in your home (or even your car, Razer says), adding a new premium smart light option to the market. Razer is calling the entire setup "Razer Gamer Room."

Razer Aether includes the Lamp, Lamp Pro, Light Bulb, and Light Strips (plus a Light Strip Extender for larger setups). All these products will be compatible with Razer Chroma, and will work with an accompanying Razer Gamer Room mobile app so you can control absolutely everything from your smartphone. Everything here is Matter compatible, too, allowing Razer Aether products to integrate into existing smart home setups. This is a great way to improve your performance in the best PC games, since that's what RGB lights do. Here are the prices and links for every Razer Aether product:

Razer Axon deserves a mention, too, because Razer is implementing a new feature to create high resolution desktop wallpapers using AI. We've seen this tech before, but Razer has optimized it to create images that are actually the correct aspect ratio for a wallpaper. You can also sync your Razer Chroma setup to whatever wallpapers you create. It's available to download for free at Razer.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for more news from RazerCon 2023, including the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro gaming keyboards, Razer Fujin Pro and Razer Fujin mesh gaming chairs, and Razer Blade 16 Automobili Lamborghini Edition.

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