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Tokyo Game Show 2023 & Xbox Digital Broadcast LIVE: Every reveal and trailer as it happened

Xbox is back in Japan, and Windows Central is here to bring you all the latest news.

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(Image: © Tokyo Game Show)

It’s that time of year again — the Tokyo Game Show 2023 is here and Xbox is joining it with its Xbox Digital Broadcast. An eager audience of Xbox gamers are waiting to see what’s in store for the platform and how Xbox will continue to deliver on its promise to bring more Japanese titles to Team Green and the list of best Xbox games.

2023 has already been a huge year for games. With the Xbox Games Showcase this summer being a resounding slam dunk, and Starfield being Bethesda’s biggest launch ever, can the Tokyo Game Show continue Xbox’s upward trajectory? TGS 2022 saw an incredible 22 games announced at the showcase, and with the perceived rift between Xbox and Square Enix on the mend with Final Fantasy 14 announced for Xbox earlier this year, could we be in for more surprises?

The Tokyo Game Show isn’t just for fans of Japanese titles, as we’ve had new trailers and announcements for Western games in past years, including Deathloop and Overwatch 2, so it’s definitely worth a watch for any keen gamer. If you’re already drowning in your gaming backlog, it may just be about to get deeper. Stay tuned to Windows Central's live blog right here to keep you up to date with everything coming out of the show.

Rewatch the TGS 2023 Xbox Digital Broadcast here

Tokyo Game Show 2023 & Xbox Digital Broadcast announcements


Hello, readers! It may be much earlier for some of you, but regardless, I'll be here wide-eyed and armed with coffee ready for another Tokyo Game Show. This show has a special place in my heart as it was the first I covered when I started at Windows Central just a year ago, and despite not generally being an avid follower of Asian titles (actually that’s a lie, I love me some Pokémon), I still found lots to get excited about. I’m hoping this year will be no different. I honestly can’t envision it getting any better this year for games and announcements, but let's see if the Xbox Digital Broadcast at Tokyo Game Show 2023 is about to prove me wrong. Without further ado, let's see what's in store. — Jennifer Young

Ah, another Xbox show is here. I can't wait to watch it live alongside everyone el—Oh, it's going to be four in the morning. Well, that's alright, I'll just rely on my colleague Jennifer Young to catch me up on everything that happens during the Xbox Digital Broadcast at Tokyo Game Show 2023. I'll still be here with supporting content and exclusive commentary when I can be. — Zachary Boddy

As the event name suggests, Tokyo Game Show 2023 is held in Japan.  (Image credit: TGS)

How to watch TGS 2023 & the Xbox Digital Broadcast

We're drawing ever closer to the start of Tokyo Game Show 2023 where we're expecting to learn some exciting Xbox Series X|S news. Since it's held in Japan, the event starts late this evening for those in the United States. You can watch the Tokyo Game Show 2023 Xbox Digital Broadcast on YouTube or Twitch. — Rebecca Spear

TGS 2023 Start: Sept. 20, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. PST / 9:00 p.m. EST | Sept. 21, 2023, at 2:00 a.m. BST 

Xbox Digital Broadcast: Sept. 21, 2023, at 2:00 a.m. PST / 5:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. BST.

TGS 2023 End: Sept. 24, 2023, at 2:00 a.m. PST / 5:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. BST

2023 has been an incredibly busy year for video games, and the last week makes that especially true. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Catching up on Xbox news before the show

Tokyo Game Show 2023 doesn't kick off for another few hours, and the Xbox Digital Broadcast isn't for another few hours after that. In the meantime, feel free to catch up on all the recent news in the Xbox space. Spoiler alert: A lot has been going on. The video games world has been bustling, and a lot of that movement has involved Xbox. Here's just a few recent stories to sate your eyeballs before the main event:

  • Recapping every recent Microsoft leak. Microsoft has seen a lot of leaks lately, but most of it has been in the land of Xbox. Mistakenly uploaded documents from the recent Xbox vs FTC case regarding Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition have revealed a ton of information on Xbox's potential future plans, including new consoles, controllers, games, and much more.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty review. The next era of Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here, with Update 2.0 coming to players tomorrow and the Phantom Liberty expansion arriving next week. Finally, CP2077 is where players hoped it'd be back in 2020; that is to say, it's an incredibly fun sci-fi RPG that's 100% worth playing (or revisiting).
  • Workers hope Microsoft commits to unions. One major effect from Microsoft's attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard is an industry-wide shift in thinking toward unions. Microsoft took a neutral stance in regards to unions forming at Activision Blizzard, and workers — at Xbox and Activision Blizzard both — are hopeful that this positive change will persist, and possibly even improve, following the acquisition's completion.
  • Xbox Game Pass continues to get new games. Xbox Game Pass slows for no one, and that means new games for players to enjoy. Lies of P, Party Animals, Gotham Knights, The Lamplighter's League, and Payday 3 are but a few recent or upcoming additions to the subscription service.
  • Accessibility matters in Forza Motorsport. I recently previewed Forza Motorsport (2023), and the thing that impressed me the most is how accessible and approachable Turn 10 Studios' upcoming simulation racing game is. The major investment into superior accessibility could mean great things for the genre and video games in general, with Forza Motorsport being one of the most accessible games I have ever played.
  • Unity makes a controversial change, and devs hate it. The biggest controversy in the gaming world recently has undoubtedly been Unity announcing a per-install fee for any successful game built using its game engine, which has resulted in massive backlash both from developers and the community. This policy change could have huge negative effects on indie games and Xbox Game Pass, but Unity may still backtrack on the decision. Even if it does, though, trust has been broken.
  • Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC preview. Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games from 2023, and it's about to get its first proper story DLC, Separate Ways. This DLC makes the remake content-complete versus the original, and will let players finish the story in the shoes of the mysterious Ada Wong. It looks fantastic, and I can't wait to play the full experience.

Be sure to catch up on all this soon, as there's almost certainly going to be a whole lot more gaming and Xbox news in the next few days. — Zachary Boddy

The Xbox Digital Broadcast at Tokyo Game Show 2023 could include some exciting announcements. (Image credit: Future/Bing Image Creator)

Alright, folks! Tokyo Game Show 2023 is officially underway, but we're roughly four hours out from when the Xbox Digital Broadcast goes live. Since that's going to be really early in the morning for us on the Windows Central gaming team, we'll report on any big announcements tomorrow morning at a decent hour. Check back here tomorrow for additional information. — Rebecca Spear

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Our Managing Editor is having a well-earned break right now, but he did pose a question over on Twitter (I will never call it X). What do you guys hope to see from the Tokyo Game Show? We had some interesting responses. Mostly people are hoping to see if we finally get more Square Enix games coming to the platform, the Final Fantasy franchise garnering most of the attention. Miles Dompier has already posted his hopes and dreams for Legend of Mana — will his dreams come true? Some posters have even speculated if we will finally see more of Hellblade 2. Will anyone get their wish? We're about to find out! — Jennifer Young

Ori and Naru join the Party Animals roster

And we're off! Is this Ori? Party Animals? Oh! It's a crossover! Strong opener.

Party Animals was released into Xbox Game Pass just yesterday and is taking social media by storm as a cute physics brawler to enjoy with friends (as you beat them into jelly submission), and we're getting a new character already with Ori joining the line-up. Could more iconic Xbox characters join the fold? This could be a great contender for our best Xbox games for kids, but I know plenty of grown-ups are enjoying the game too. — Jennifer Young

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy dropping into Game Pass

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be dropping into Game Pass on September 26. The Ace Attorney games follow the adventures of a defense attorney Phoenix Wright, and players must present evidence and cross-examine witnesses to make their cases to a jury. The games are popular for their quirky dialogue. 

Apollo Justic: Ace Attorney Trilogy also got a brand-new trailer, announcing that it's officially releasing on Jan. 25, 2024 for Xbox and Windows PC. — Jennifer Young

New trailer for Palworld

Palworld, the Pokémon-alike from the Craftopia devs, drops on Xbox in 2024. This isn't the first time we've seen Palworld; in fact, it was included in last year's show. The trailer shown today gives us more information about the game, showcasing some new 'Pals,' character customization options, and further gameplay footage. I can't wait to play "Pokémon with guns" on my Xbox console. — Jennifer Young

Persona 5 Tactica comes to Xbox Game Pass this year

Persona 5 announcements now, a game that I believe is still the highest-rated Xbox