Harry Potter game reportedly coming in 2021, developers concerned over J.K. Rowling's transphobic comments

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What you need to know

  • A Harry Potter game is reportedly being developed by Avalanche Software.
  • This game is coming to next-generation consoles in 2021.
  • The developers are concerned due to comments made by J.K. Rowling.

A Harry Potter game has long been rumored to be in development at Avalanche Software, one of many studios under the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment publishing umbrella. Per a new report from Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, this game is not only real but is currently being aimed to release in late 2021 on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Yet all is not well, as many developers of the title are reportedly concerned with comments made by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, comments that are mostly viewed as transphobic. While some of the developers speaking anonymously explained that Rowling had "very little" involvement with the project, her name remains attached to the series. In addition to developer morale, there are internal concerns over Rowling's commentary possibly affecting the sales of the game.

This game was reportedly due to be revealed at E3 2020 before the event was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. It would've been revealed alongside a long-rumored Batman game and a Suicide Squad title being developed by WB Montreal and Rocksteady, respectively.

While the two games based on DC Comics are reportedly being revealed at the DC Fandome event in August, the Harry Potter game will be revealed at a later date, per Schreier's report. Then of course there's the recent news that parent company AT&T is considering selling off the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gaming division for a sum reported between $2 billion and $4 billion.

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  • People are way too oversensitive nowadays. The world has gone mad.
  • Someone here sounds awfully sensitive.
  • I think you are right. It seems that everyone just seeks out a way to be offended. Everyone wants to be "butthurt". I guess so they can get attention, I haven't figured out what the reason is for wanting to attract negative energy.
  • We live in crazy times. J.K. Rowling did nothing wrong
  • Stating simple facts backed up by science is enough to get you in trouble these days. Yet the same people who are criticizing her are all to happy to support the most anti-science nonsense and call it "truth".
  • 99.9999% of gamers that would buy this game will not give 2 chits
  • That's the truth if it turns out to be a good game
  • As if gamers were concerned by things like this. Many think the same way.
  • You're hardly transphobic for pointing out the obvious truth that changing one's clothes, one's hair, or even having a sex change operation doesn't in fact change one's sex; it merely changes the perception of one's sex. And you certainly don't have to have a phobia (fear or dislike) of such a person just because you state this obvious fact...
  • You might be right, but only because the people who have live with the tourture of trying to become something that they are not don't actually feel that they are changing their sex. They are simply reflecting to the outside world the way that they were born on the inside and don't want to live a lie to appease other people in society.
  • There's actually no scientific proof or thesis that conclude transgenders are "born that way". But if you have one I'd like to read it.
  • Wow, I'm glad to know you are the expert on how people are born. I will be sure to point any gender confused children to you so you can set them straight on how they should feel inside their own bodies. Its obvious that they are just unsure and under some kind of other social pressure. How about talk to people about their experiences before you choose to decide how they are or are supposed to be?
  • I thought it was a Harry Potter game, not a JKR game. In any case, why are the developers concerned? Shouldn't it be a subset of the target audience that are concerned? The developers can't be too concerned because they have decided to develop the thing.
  • She was merely saying that she was offended by being called "a person that menstrates" instead of a woman. And found it demeaning. This is not transphobic. This is just saying that lumping people into categories like this, essentially taking away everything good about being a man and a woman is something she disagrees with. Yes, people may get offended. But people get offended by being called "a person who menstrates" too. By the way, the article said that the studio was uncomfortable with the uproar around this, not that they themselves were offended.
  • Actually, thats not all that she said... she basically used the males in the woman's bathroom argument as a reason for making natural women less safe. This is a classic transphobic (or discriminatory) line. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8409665/JK-ROWLINGS-deeply-pers...
  • That does make women less safe. For one you are letting men in a women's restroom and for another, these men have mental issues if they think that by growing long hair, donning makeup and lipstick while wearing a dress and high heals magically transforms them into a female is delusional. Disphoria is a mental condition that needs to be treated by a doctor or psychologist. Not a change in legislation and acceptance from people regarding reality. Clearly you don't agree with a schizophrenic that their misguided views are truth nor should you with the trans community.
  • Well you've never heard about mixed restrooms here in Europe, they are popular in sevaral countries. Do you think that way because of something you'd do? Would harm women just because you're are in the same restroom? It doesn't matter if someone has a dick or not just don't be one and treat everyone respectfully and we all can leave peacefully. And being transsexual or transgender isn't just putting lipstick and growing or cutting hair. It involves taking hormones of the opposite sex as well. So please inform yourself or keep shut
  • Wow. Thats amazing. I'm totally disproven. We should tell the world your findings so all these sick people can just get the help they need... Give me a break on the safety arguement. You think a sign on the door stops freaking predators? Yeah, thats rich.
  • If anything, her comments stating that men can not become women and vice versa should spur sales among those that know biology and aren't snowflakes. So sick of this transcentric push to redifine what is a man and a woman.
  • And since the majority "know biology and aren't snowflakes," overall sales should rise.
  • Hey, developers....just create the content. Stay out of the politics.