The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale starts today, providing the best discounts on digital games over the summer season. This year's sale runs from July 4 until July 11, with discounts on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows Store titles. Among this year's price-cuts, we see some of the Xbox One's biggest franchises and critically-acclaimed titles.

An overwhelming number of games are currently discounted, including 250 titles on the Xbox platform and 30 titles on the Windows Store. Xbox One owners are treated to significantly more discounts, with a strong offering of backward compatible Xbox 360 games. We've also rounded up the best Xbox 360 titles playable on the Xbox One, with price reductions for the next week.

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Here are the Xbox One deals we've highlighted from this year's Ultimate Game Sale:

Metro Redux Bundle

Price with Gold: $7.50 (75% off) // Price: $9.90 (67% off) // Genre: Shooter

In 2013 the world was devastated by an apocalyptic event, annihilating almost all mankind and turning the earth's surface into a poisonous wasteland. A handful of survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow underground, and human civilization entered a new Dark Age. Including the epic single-player campaigns of both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux takes you on a journey from the forgotten catacombs beneath the subway to the desolate wastelands above, where your actions will determine the fate of mankind.

Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5)

Price with Gold: $8.00 (60% off) // Price: $9.90 (50% off) // Genre: Action & Adventure

Life is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind time. The pair soon find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Price with Gold: $25.00 (50% off) // Price: $30.00 (40% off) // Genre: Role Playing

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher, you play as a professional monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, tasked with finding a child of prophecy in a vast open world rich with merchant cities, pirate islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns to explore.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Price with Gold: $30.00 (40% off) // Price: $35.00 (30% off) // Genre: Action & Adventure

Featuring epic, high-octane action moments set in the most beautifully hostile environments on earth, Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers a cinematic survival action adventure where you will join Lara Croft on her first tomb raiding expedition. Explore Awe-Inspiring Deadly Tombs - Huge ancient spaces littered with deadly traps, solve dramatic environmental puzzles, and decipher ancient texts to reveal crypts as you take on a world filled with secrets to discover.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition

Price with Gold: $10.00 (50% off) // Price: $12.00 (40% off) // Genre: Role Playing

Winner of over 50 "Best of 2014" Awards including Game of the Year, Best Action Game and Most Innovative Game. Experience the definitive version of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor which includes The Lord of the Hunt and The Bright Lord story missions, the Trials of War challenge series plus additional Warband Missions, Runes, & Skins.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Price with Gold: $15.00 (75% off) // Price: $19.80 (67% off) // Genre: Action & Adventure, Shooter

Europe, 1960. The tide of World War II has been turned using a new kind of mysterious, advanced technology. Using unrelenting force and intimidation, a ruthless world power has brought even the most powerful of nations to their knees. The regime now dominates the globe with an iron fist. You are the only man capable of rewriting history. In Wolfenstein: The New Order, assume the role of super soldier B.J. Blazkowicz as he uses elite combat tactics and an arsenal of uber advanced weaponry to take down the most powerful empire the world has ever known.


Price with Gold: $10.00 (50% off) // Price: $12.00 (40% off) // Genre: Platformer

Unravel introduces Yarny, a new, lovable and endearing character made from a single thread of yarn, that slowly unravels as you move. Inspired by the unique and breath-taking environments of Northern Scandinavia, Unravel is a visually stunning, physics-based puzzle platformer. Using yarn to swing from tree branch to tree branch or hitch a ride on a flying kite, no feat is too big. Yarny is brought to life as the representation of the ties that bind loved-ones together.


Price with Gold: $13.40 (33% off) // Price: $15.00 (25% off) // Genre: Action & Adventure

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on an old military island. The night takes a terrifying turn when you unwittingly open a ghostly gate spawned from the island's cryptic past. How you deal with these events, your peers, and the ominous creatures you've unleashed is up to you.

Halo 5: Guardians

Price with Gold: $30.00 (50% off) // Price: $36.00 (40% off) // Genre: Shooter

A mysterious and unstoppable force threatens the galaxy, the Master Chief is missing and his loyalty questioned. Experience the most dramatic Halo story to date in a 4-player cooperative epic that spans three worlds. Play with friends and compete against rivals in new multiplayer modes: Warzone, massive 24-player team-based battles, Arena, pure 4-vs-4 competitive combat, and Warzone Firefight, 8-player co-op battles against increasingly difficult, dynamic objectives and overwhelming odds.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - Day One Version

Price with Gold: $15.00 (50% off) // Price: $18.00 (40% off) // Genre: Shooter

The landmark original Gears of War returns, stunningly remastered and modernized for Xbox One. Includes base game, Animated Immulsion Skin and Civilian Anya multiplayer character for use in multiplayer matches.

What are you looking to pick up this week? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!