Heroes of the Storm gets Deathwing from Warcraft as a new hero

What you need to know

  • Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Deathwing is a legendary dragon from the Warcraft series.
  • Deathwing is being added to Heroes of the Storm as a playable hero.
  • You can get the Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack for $20 on Amazon.

Blizzard has placed Heroes of the Storm on the back burner compared to some of its other series but that doesn't mean it's not getting new content. In an interview a couple of months ago, our editor Jez Corden specifically inquired about the famous dragon Deathwing being added to the game.

Today, Blizzard has revealed they are fulfilling that request. You can take a look at the announcement trailer for Deathwing below.

There's no exact date for when Deathwing will be added to the game however, Blizzcon is just under a couple of weeks away, so it seems like that would be a fitting time for the announcement that he's in the game. We'll have to wait and see though, as Blizzard is currently dealing with a PR crisis.

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Much like League of Legends or DOTA 2, players control a variety of characters, ranking up and crushing minions and other players as they advance to destroy the enemy Nexus.

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