HP Elite x3 is out of stock again at U.S. and Canadian Microsoft Store sites

The Microsoft Store sites in the U.S. and Canada are currently showing the HP Elite x3 with Windows 10 Mobile as out of stock once again, before the phone's Sept. 26 scheduled ship date.

Pre-orders for the 5.96-inch "superphone" began in late August, with the U.S. site charging $799 and the Canadian store pricing the phone at $999. Both sites sold the HP Elite x3 with the Desk Dock accessory. The first pre-order shipments from those souces began last week, but the Microsoft Store sites later changed the delivery dates for future orders to Sept. 26. This is the second time that the sites are showing that the HP Elite x3 is out of stock before the new ship date arrives.

HP.com's U.S. site began taking orders for the Elite x3 on Sept. 5, but quickly ran out of stock just two days later. The site is still not taking new orders for the smartphone.

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John Callaham
  • Hopefully that means a lot of corporations are into this phone.
  • And they better start increasing the production ring.
  • And I'm here replying from my HTC Mozart running wp7
  • On your penny farthing using dial up.
  • lol exactly! though my daily driver is a 950xl
  • Lumia 735, WP 8.1
  • Hopefully the business guys/gals using these phones at work realize how awesome W10M is and begin spreading the word.
  • Sounds unlikely.
  • Have you played with iOS10???.... Yeah, WM10 still has a ways to go.
  • funny thing is, I have many friends (who have iPhones) that have been complaining about the new iOS 10, to the point they have been actually posting on their facebook about why they don't like it/recommending people to not upgrade. Obviously this is annecdotal, but it was an interesting observation. 
  • I heard on a news stating that just after restart after iOS10 upgrade, older iPhones bricked. I wonder if they got freebies from Apple because of this incident...
  • I only hear bad things about it.
  • Isn't that every time a new OS comes out?
  • It has been worse this time around I think. At least more vocal friends than usual.
  • You mean like W10M? ;)
  • I only heard about early nuke bombing older iPhones upgrading to iOS10 via OTA.
  • :)) awesome, right...NOT! a buggy crap tested by insiders
  • Yeah, it shows... It isn't good at all.
  • IOS 10 is great....it's a million miles ahead of w10m.
  • Nope, not at all. It is too limited. Way too limited.
  • I use mostly W10M and iOS . Not Android as much anymore. There's convenience in iOS. I enjoy it. My problem with it is that you are limited only to what they want. Just my opinion W10M is light years beyond iOS in where it has come in such a short amount of time.
  • ^^^This.
  • Ios and W10 are the only options for anyone with a brain.
  • Well, I have no choice but to use Android, and I missed my L620 since 2014. I don't wanna use iPhones or any Apple products because I prefer Windows for productivity. However... in my country, Windows 10 Mobile devices are so scarce... that I have no choice but to either to use 3rd party online shop (which is $50 more expensive than direct buy) to buy W10M, or using Android devices until they come back to my country... I know, this is shame, though...
  • ^^this
  • Yeah let's hope the corporations buy them as business expense/ tax write off so US taxpayers can pay for them to support windows mobile while Microsoft says FU to loyal consumers.
  • Not sure that the corporate demand (or lack thereof) is directly reflected this early in the game in retail challel availability. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • :))) what a joke...a lot of corporations :)))))
  • Yes, Microsoft is growing in the mobile sector when it comes to corporate.
  • I haven't seen any official data. While I would like for it to succeed, in both business and consumer, it seems MS isn't doing much at all. Also by ending their Lumia line things won't be better either because, if potential customers avoided the well known Lumia brand, it will be much less likely anyone would trust their money in an unknown OEM. Since Samsung, HTC,LG,Sony,Huawei are not planning a windows phone yet, I do not see any positive outcome. HP is a nice device, but way overpriced for most businesses and for most consumers. While there may be some companies that would buy the X3 and use the virtualized solution from HP, most companies already have notebook for their employees, and will for sure avoid such huge money investment in this device, when the 950XL is half the price and is powerfull enough.
  • Actually, there have been reports about MS having around 20% of the uk mobile enterprise market.
  • That was 3 years ago giddora.
  • Ye think so? http://news.microsoft.com/en-gb/2015/03/10/a-growing-appetite-for-flexib...
  • That is almost 2 years old. Anything current? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nah, it was 2015.
  • @Silverwind @Giddora, congrats, you have two trolls coming at you. And you showed fact!
  • I know... bleached must be one of the hardest trolling Android user since... Forever?
  • Hmm I trust HP 1000x more than LG, Samsung, etc. I'm using a 950XL and wouldn't recommend this device to anyone. The rugged case is keeping it from falling apart... :/
  • Looks like its sell out pretty fast
  • To be honest, without numbers you can't really say anything about it
  • When they only supply 3 devices per location thats not hard!   Even then it took more than a week.
  • It was the website that show out of stock, unless you meant HP warehouse only stock qty 3 of x3.
  • Well. That's not the case, and besides... They are selling out because their enterprise line needs more than they have available so they need to take from the retail line.
  • Don't troll crap like it's a fact, Steve. Go to bed!
  • Cool.
  • Now it's time to release the Kraken! Where's the Idol 4 Pro hanging out at?
  • Yeah just like 950 did lol
  • HP has an Enterprise distribution channel that Microsoft doesn't. The real question is how the phone is doing there, and whether that's constraining retail.
  • Just going through the facts brother. I'm too using a 950 here :)
  • I don't see why people down voting you,the same did happen for 950 indeed
  • Good news? Is it because the phone is highly demanded or just because HP didn't make a lot of those phones?!!
  • No one knows, doesn't matter to speculate. As noted above, HP does prioritize its enterprise distribution over commercial e.g. MS Store. But yeah, every smart company now builds to keep stock light. Even the iPhone 7 "selling out" is due to limited supply and not based on demand. That is how they could announce they sold out for the first weekend before it began, they have a tight supply. Since Apple is not releasing numbers there is no way to tell if it is doing better/worse than before.
  • Oh Daniel Rubino himself responded to my comment! Yeaaah :) thanks man, I'm a big fan of yours, great videos and reviews on YouTube, good luck with all your work :)
  • Why are people down voting your question? It's a valid question!!!!
  • Do not underestimate the hate of WP-fanboys. They hate everything and everybody. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hmm, no difference to the waves of android fanboys who like to troll here.
  • All ten sold! Lets celebrate! 
  • It's a phone, not a team sport.
  • And likely a few more the ten. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • He's talking about his football team getting sold.
  • Under your logic then all ten of the ibone7 sold out as well. Lets celebrate. snigger.
  • Maybe those 10 people like phones that hiss at them....or maybe that's the sound of the fuse just before the iPhone explodes
  • 10? you are being too optimistic :))
  • Go back to android central.
  • I will once I bring back to reality some users from here :)
  • Uh, why do you presume we are not living in the reality?
  • Obviously there are lots here out of touch with reality making comments about how the surface phone is going to "save" W10M,  how w10m is stable,  how w10 without the mobile is stable and smooth....yada yada yada.   There is lots of fantasy land living in WC.
  • Who know what it will do?
  • IF something like that will ever be released, it will be another windows 10 mobile device, maybe better looking than the x50s, but with the same buggy OS, the same: wait for the next update to fix that, idea. Anyway, if Satya continues with his rampage of laying off employees, I do not see anyone left by then to build that new surface phone :))
  • Oh,now I get it... You don't know anything about w10.
  • and what makes your opinion that it's not stable more valid than my opinion that it is as stable as any other OS our there?
  • He has just been bitten by the android fanboy bug. It usually happens in the first two months when they usually work. Then they start to crash and become slower and the trolling gets more furious until they have to buy a new phone.
  • And yet, people continue to buy Android phones while completely ignoring Windows phones. The Windows phone experience must be really bad if it cannot even beat the "laggy, security risk" of Android! Where do you think the issue is? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They don't know anything else. Most people don't even know what android is, they are just buying a Samsung, HTC or lg phone. The people that can find and does buy a windows phone becomes very satisfied and the reason for that is the superior experience.
  • They certainly seem to know what Windows phone is as they are doing a great job of avoiding them. The people who find and buy a Windows phone are fanboys, so of course they have good experience ratings. Everyone else who accident buys one returns it quickly or doesn't buy another when the time comes. If they really were having a good experience, then word of mouth and repeat buyers would have grown the platform. At this point, even fanboys are abandoning it. How else do you get down to 0.3% market share? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't keep going on and on about Windows phone buyers being fanboys.  Nobody will buy a phone if they know it is buggy and will not serve their purpose.  I have been using windows phones for the last three years.  I care a damn about market share.  And how does anybody buy anything by accident.  That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.  Go find something better to do rather than coming here and advertising your ignorance.  Moron.
  • I'm just wondering what w10m phone you have to say it's not stable?
  • Giddora, because when you state the facts you get down voted recently. The reality is windows phone is dwindling around 1%. When I stated in a previous article that the x3 sold out means nothing without numbers, I got down voted. Any negative but realistic comment will get down voted here.
  • Any figures from Hp how many pieces sold So far. Is the phone doing really well or are production numbers too few. I hope its the earlier. Will this phone lay the ground work for Windows Mobile to take off. I hope.
  • What does that even really matter to you personally? Buy the phone or don't.
  • Actually it does matter to all Windows 10 mobile fans. More success means more support. Less success means the eventual death.
  • The numbers you speak of have dropped off dramatically. Yet the OS continues.
    That alone should tell you how wrong you (and many others) are.
  • All ten sold lol
  • Get a new comment, some one already used yours.
  • Ha hahahaha nice one Dan.
  • Your "Dan" is a Microsoft-paid idiot, get over him...
  • Who
  • Read my comment again...
  • Where have you been oh Ass Hat extraordinaire... you seem to have gone missing for a bit... thought maybe you were seeking the help you surely need... alas, I was mistaken...
  • His phone exploded...
  • Nobody is paid... by Microsoft.
  • Crawl back under your rock
  • Uh, no he isn't. Go back to android central.
  • I think mobile nations is paying him, not Microsoft
  • Pretty sure he was just lolling at the original "ten" comment here.
  • Yep. But don't expect snipey Rubino to spot such a thing. He's always got his comment trigger pulled.
  • Lol!
  • LOL, nice catch, Dan!
  • Are they selling in dozens? Don't understand them no more
  • That's good news. Hopefully we will continue to see more companies produce windows 10 mobile phones. I thought about an X3 but $400 for a 950 XL is a much better deal and honestly just as good.
  • Of course it's better deal hands down no questions asked, even 950 os great deal also,only thing x3 better is in battery and fingerprint reader,all other specs are 950 & XL
  • ..and the HP has more RAM, more storage and a faster CPU.  And it doesn't look like a chintzy POS like a naked 950/XL does (unfortunately).  It is *NOT* the same.
  • "faster CPU" - not really. The Lumia 950 is using a SD808 SOC which has 6 cores; the Lumia 950XL is using a SD810 SOC which has 8 cores. The HP Elite x3 has the newer SD820 SOC but it just 4 cores that are faster. Comparing between SD810 and SD820, they are pretty much the same, but just completely solves overheating issues and any mass production problems.
  • Less and faster cores are better for small programs that don't need to thread.
  • I bet Verizon and / or Microsoft wish they teamed up to also distribute the HP Elite X3. I certainly wish they did.
  • Really, why the down vote? One can dream, can't they?
  • People need their safe space.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bottom line, the X3 is a popular phone and this is a good news for both HP and Window 10 Mobile. :)  
  • Yup
  • :))))))))))))))) popular?? :))))))) they barely started, no one but fanboys are talking about it over the web, and you call this device popular :)))) I see now why MS has managed to fool so many with it's garbage products, fans here have no brains at all :))
  • You really need a new hobby. You aren't doing very good.
  • Said the guy that uses smiles like a ten years old.
  • Might be 7
  • Or maybe 5.94 years old.
  • Hey, how's your Android flagship Note 7 doing?
    Haahhh? Recall?
    So, is that's why you escaped from iOS fan on Android Central to come here? Well, WP is actually the most calm bunch. We only defend when attacked.
  • No constructive comments at all, bashing over and over again, just want to have the final say. Sounds like my 10 years old son.  What's the similarities again ? Ho yeah, ten years old...
  • It's good to see that there is a lot of demand for the HP elite x3. I guess people are still interested. Good sign for windows 10 Mobile. I just hope that it who live to expectations.
  • A lot of demand....or v.v.limited supply. Either alternative could be right.
  • And either way is good news for HP as they are selling in accordance with or exceeding expectations.
  • Doesn't really matter. However you put it, it has sold more than HP expected.
  • The App allows multiple thumb ups or thumb downs.
  • It won't update even though it shows
  • Lots of people are dumb, and hypocites.
  • Hmmm. Not really sure why this phone isn't a non-starter with the Surface Phone on the horizon. Unless the Surface Phone isn't a sure thing yet, or a lot further down the road. Personally the whole dock thing just isn't going to cut it for me. Microsoft has a chance in the Mobile market if and when they manage to marry a full Windows 10 OS with no extra luggage and deliver on the full computer as a phone promise. I don't see this phone as anything more than just a stepping stone. I've passed now on everything since the 1020 and will continue to do so until I get a computer in my hand.
  • I hear you but either of the 950's are a worthy upgrade from the 1020. It made me realize how excruciatingly slow the 1020 camera is.
  • Yeah. The 1020 is only good at one thing. The 950's are good at everything.
  • Well.... might be now us in 2nd place cause x3 except camera
  • What?
  • He meant Lumia 950 got seconded by Elite x3 on everything, except on its camera.
  • Ah, thanks. :) Yeah, camera and price. :P
  • Thanks for the translation.  I don't speak qimqim myself.
  • I don't doubt they are. The thing is, I don't want to purchase one and have the Microsoft Unicorn phone debut a few months later. Anyone who has purchased a Microsoft OS phone knows the resale value isn't exactly top notch. I dropped 600 on the 1020 (totally worth it) knowing I wasn't backing out once my trial period was over. I personally believe if Microsoft doesn't deliver on the dockless full OS experience they are forever locked out, and most people think thats a generous position to take on the future of Microsoft's phone footprint. As far as the 1020's camera, it still is unmatched in quality, the speed was slow from the start. Definitely not a parent-friendly camera.
  • Thing is, a lot of enterprise customers utilize VZW (not all, but a lot). They hurt themselves by not having a phone that also works on cdma. (just my 2 cents)
  • CDMA is useless because the other 98% of the world uses GSM technology (SIM-based phones). The only countries to use CDMA are United States and Great Britain.
  • I would not exactly call cdma useless.. I use Verizon because it works where I need it to in my area which is Dothan Alabama. Att or other gsm providers just don't do it..
  • Sorry to say but... There are about 4.3 billion people outside the US that don't have CDMA. :-\
  • That's fine and dandy and read enough I agree with you from a global market view.. But to make a good market penetration in the USA cdma and gsm should be supported. Yes the first iPhone succeeded when it day viewed over here on att only (gsm) but its only real competition was what, a flip phone??? Lol
  • People use cdma cause its cheaper than gsm
    Cdma user = cheapskate or poor??
    Even tukang becak in my country use gsm
    Cdma user poorer than tukang becak??
  • Bro.. Cdma is not a "cheapskate" service in the USA and buying a Lumia icon new over the counter from verizon was not a cheap skate investment in that day. So please.... Hold off with the cheap skate comments...
  • Are you crazy? Cdma is what Verizon uses here, and Verizon is probably the most expensive USA carrier.
  • Well, our country aren't using CDMA anymore since 2015... the last step is by Smartfren by migrating (until now) users to use GSM (which is 4G LTE) with way more benefits than CDMA counterparts. Sounds like 'di negara kita sudah jarang yang pakai CDMA lagi ya'...
  • +indonesia (last year)
  • +Tangerang
  • There is no surface phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is the "Surface phone"
  • Yes there is Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Prof of Surface phone please....besides fanboy fantasy land!
  • they have no proof, it's the same fanboy dreaming like it was before RS1, and before the x50s...
  • Why are you so jealous?
  • Oh, there's a proof of Fire on 7, no?
  • How about Note 7 getting exploded? And how about many aircraft federacy prohibits users with Note 7 charging on the airplane, putting it on the baggage on the plane, or even using it while on the flight? Are they getting refunded or replaced with the same device but with different battery? How about iOS10 with their failed attempt to upgrade older iPhones to their latest OS? Are they getting freebies? No?
  • Dan, how's your review coming along?
  • Sounds like HP barely made any to keep up with the little demand they do have. We can't seriously believe that this thing is selling well. The HP phone is not the platform saviour.
  • Its not. And never was ment to be. Its a phone for comapniesw and business oriented. And in those areas the x3 takes the top easily. Also the demand by normal windows phone lovers will be big once it gets a real peblic release, because lots of Lumia 1520 users finally have a phone worth the upgrade
  • My Lumia 950 XL was an upgrade from my Lumia 1520 and the HP Elite X3 will be an upgrade from my 950 XL. I don't use my phone camera much anymore since getting my a7RII so I don't mind a step down in my phone camera anymore. All pictures from my phone are usually downsized via MMS or social media uploads anyway.
  • It was never intended to be the platform savior. This is strictly a business phone that SOME consumers with deep pockets will buy. I would assume if there was ever a platform savior it would be a phone aimed at consumers. HP doesn't need to sell zillions of these puppies to turn a profit. Kudos to them for testing the waters. Cheers!
  • It's not for soccer mom's or metrosexuals. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • +homosexuals
  • It's not, but no one has filled the void left by Blackberry yet. There is a significant corporate niche here to be had, MS & HP realise this and it's worth a go, that's why MS has abandoned the consumer market.
    This is do or die but there is a significant and viable market here waiting to be filled if the product is good enough.
  • Who ever said it was supposed to be as platform savior? Only you.
  • HP should give a number of how many they sell, how many are they putting in the stores 2 or 200? Just because they say they sell out means nothing.
  • What does it matter to you? Does knowing an exact number do anything more than allow you to argue online with someone about it?
  • Maybe he would like to know what kind of demand is out there for Windows Phones. Why do you have to **** on people for asking valid questions?
  • The demand outpaces the supply. There's the obvious answer.
  • Just wait for the next Q report. Im sure windowscentral will disect it.
  • Kantar doesn't measure enterprise sales.
  • What makes it a "valid question"? Knowing that number will do nothing to or for you... You believe it does because you've let too many BS bloggers who know next to nothing convince you that it should matter to you.
    "Market share" has dropped significantly, yet the OS keeps growing. That alone refutes the weird-ass obsession with numbers.
    So again, either buy the phone or don't.
  • Knowing that number will do nothing for us?  I guess by that logic nothing they print on this site will "do anything for us".  However, since some of us are actually interested in knowing how well (or poorly) the platform is doing, that number is key. As much as I don't care what bloggers say about the supposed death of windows mobile, I do care what the sales numbers are because that will determine whether or not developers will support the platform.
  • Poignant.. right about the time Apple says they will not publish their iPhone sales numbers.. guess that means nothing either..
  • No it doesn't to me. It's apple's problem.
  • Obviously, from your retort, you seem to have not clue as to where I am coming from with my statement.. seems there are others who reasoned it more intelligible.
  • Really doesn't matter how many the put in the stores. The majority will be sold via channels as B2B. This isn't intended to be a consumer device.
  • I wonder if they are taking notes from Apple & Samsung...
  • They do
    With sms then send it to theirs gf(which they dont know she's a spy from enemy company)
  • Tbh, i can see many getting the phone. Sure companies mostly but i am pretty sure many sold to lumia 1520 users finally bring happy to get a phone worth the upgrade
  • The 950's have been worth it since release.
  • Well however many they sold its exceeded the initial supply whichever way you slice that its better than the opposite.
  • Btw, the supplies have to been huge, because there are x3s available all over germany :D Furthermore, the phone has , except for camera , display and design not living up to the s7 standard, the highest rating of a windows mobile phone ever
  • If the S7 is the "standard" now then count me happy to not follow trends.
  • For camera and display it most certainly is. Design is a bit subjective, but the materials are certainly nice. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like the phone, if I had 800bucks id get it in an instant
  • Don't like the design and don't like tin can phones. Knowing the material from my history in industry makes them feel cheap and scuffmagnets.
  • Like syamsyung cheap crapy plastic coated with metal
  • Like syamsyung cheap crapy plastic coated with metal
  • Your comment is wrong in so many ways it is hard to even reply to it.
  • My bad
  • So this phone will increase the number of Windows Phones or not ? Only time will tell
  • So this phone will increase the number of Windows Phones or not ? Only time will tell
  • Repeating what I have posted earlier: Going from the 950 xl to the HPx3 has been a nice upgrade. I think this phone will do well.
  • In what ways is it an upgrade? What do you notice the most? Serious question.
  • Curious about where is the upgrade. Not the screen and not the camera for sure, while speed increase can't probably be seen anywhere. 950XL>X3 for consumer usage.
  • They should sell more than 20 next time. It keeps selling out. DaWheels0nDaBus
  • I see what you did there. You took everybody's stupid 10 comments and doubled it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm looking to upgrade from the 1520. The 950 has great price now and free display doc. But the HPx3 is just such a beast with the price to match. I don't know
  • Buy x3 iris recog much more faster and has fingerprint
  • +u got dock to
  • I wonder how many devices exactly was in stock, 20?
  • Very old tired comment. Been used before.
  • It is even available in a lot more than 20 locations... Failing trolls are adorable.
  • So they sell a few phones. It's not gona save a failed platform. Windows Mobile is not going to rise from the ashes. We who remain are just gnawing on dry bones. Heck even the celebrated Edge browser is just a Chrome knock off. Microsoft has become a bumbling stumbling giant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Your mistake is viewing the phone as the platform when the platform is windows 10 and uwp. If you want to know how the platform is doing, look at how windows 10 is doing.
  • The article was about a phone and my comment was about WINDOWS PHONE. I understand that Microsoft is no longer interested in that area except where it pertains to the broader picture. You are absolutely correct in thinking that im very phone centric. Guilty. Hell yeah. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows Phone is no more... It isn't separate but folded in to the pc branch. They just have a better os on phones than other companies, but all in all... It is the ecosystem that is Windows.
  • that's why devs and users are avoiding it? because it's the best mobile os? :))
  • You are making a classic mistake... The word windows has a bad rep from years ago when it was stale.. That makes people reluctant to try it. Most people who try it find it very good though. Devs go where the users are so they focus first on iOS since it is good and then to the other systems.
  • Windows phone is dead but his kid ( win 10 mobile) still alive and keep stronger than ever :D
  • Yeah, WP is no longer developed. :)
  • Oh yes. Microsoft has been dying for so many years while making billions of profit. I think they can still keep on dying for quite a long while.
  • making profit while delivering mediocre quality=Nadella..yes that's the way to do it. nice touch here mate..
  • Well said. Nadella has deaf ears. Only his way but many mistakes.
  • Like?
  • hahaha, delivering exciting quality like the Fire 7? GREAT! IT SHOOK THE WORLD!
    Now, go to bed!
  • But while stumbling the giant flatten andro & appllllllshitllle then up again ( cause we giant )
  • I love mine. Big improvement over my 3 year old 1020. Except for the camera. Have 192gb of storage. The only negative besides the camera is that it is either 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM and a micro SD card.
  • I'm almost sure people are buying thinking about desktop apps and it can run native. Another bad mistake for w10m
  • Uh, no...
  • Yes, apparently, it can run desktop apps.
  • Yeh right. Running the apps online using HP paid service
  • Universal app
  • Talking about win32.
  • Citrix-based Published Apps. Not native.
  • Yep. Any phone can do it
  • What we can't see here are orders from corporation since company's usually order from other means/sources like through HP partners.  I hope this phone is at least good.  I read in many forums that it is buggy and camera crashes everytime.  I think Windows Mobile problem is not the HW but the software it self.  I hope Dona and her team can make it happen because time is not on Windows Mobile's side.
  • The camera does crash, but a firmware fix is supposedly on the way.
  • congrats speding a fortune on a device that it's not working as it should...yaay, Microsoft and quality.
  • Seriously... Samsung explodes and lags and iphones cant keep dates... Samsung and Apple quality. Nothing is perfect and you shouldn't try to fool people in to believing that.
  • Get a pair of glasses next time, I haven't specified anything Samsung or Apple related. The fact that you hang over the Note 7's problem to justify your fanboysm is simply hillarious. I haven't seen ANY android phone or iphone model to come out with such issues: fingerprint not working, camera app crashing all the time, camera focus ultra slow. Funny how every device running Microsoft's OS is being launched with crashes, hangs, things not working, reboots, freezes... And to answer your question above, what mistake did Satya so far, well one of the biggest is ditching the dedicated Testing Teams and using free insiders instead. While public opinion is good to have, simply relying 90% on them for testing is simply stupid. Whatever you say, people are complaining about the poor quality of the windows 10 OS, how it feels like a never ending beta, poorly polished and untested.
  • No, you are trying to make it sound like other products are flawless. And now you are making claims that arent true. There arent more problems with our phones than other phones. I work part time with fixing phones from all manufacturers.
  • No, you are trying to make it sound like other products are flawless. And now you are making claims that arent true. There arent more problems with our phones than other phones. I work part time with fixing phones from all manufacturers.
  • I was talking about the OS issues, not phones themselves. Most of the issues come from the bad implementation of the windows mobile OS, lack of professional testing and approval before releasing to public.
  • Outside the insider rings there arent more bugs than in other systems. Your inexperience is really starting to show... There is more testing of Windows than any other system. Both internally and externally.
  • Sir you are trippin Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • oh really, that's why l2tp vpn is not working at all ever since 10 mobile was released? because it was heavily tested? and this is one example only...
  • It is not yet implemented?
  • I think he must go to bed. It is circling in loops now. I'm getting bored. This phone has no big release flaws
    Let's plug Note 7 with the charger or play AAA games with iPhone 7 then!
    Well, the 7+ camera functionality is perfect at release when TC said the code is not yet done!
    WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • I think he use fast ring with out read the rule
  • Dude, you just don't get it. When did Microsoft ever come out and say they rely 90% on their insiders for build testing? How do you know how their metrics work their algorithm for tests? The insider program in my opinion is way more than just testing builds. It also has to do with keeping enthused customers evolved. It helps keep spreading the word. It brings the customers closer to Microsoft and vice versa. Stop trolling ok the company when you know nothing about them. You sound like a 5th grade kid bullying the smartest kid in the class simply because he has the ability to think, reason and understand better then most. Next time you come here please come with a thoughtful question rather than just your blank mind.
  • Firmware updates are on the way and an Anniversary update will solve everything.
  • Good thing is they are meeting what they expected. Happy for HP.
  • Here people thinks its funny to troll on everything. I see most of the commentator trolls for no reason. It's like a passion now-a-days lol.
  • It is just what android users do while their phones are restarting by themselves.
  • you haven't used an Android phone recently have you? a known OEM...
  • Yeah, I have. I have to stand them every day due to my part time job and they are truly horrible. There is only iOS or Windows for me. And besides. The privacy terms of Google services since they changed them in 2012 are too bad to justify ever using them.
  • Oh, now you're saying only some Android phones are usable? WOW!
    That's sooooo different from your previous 'no flaw' trollings.
    Known OEM? You mean the Fire 7? Or should I say Bomb 7?
  • I posted this in a previous thread....I tried it for a week and it was basically unusable. Way too buggy and crashed constantly. Am I missing something here? How everyone else is buying this phone and not returning it is beyond me. I ran the latest insider preview build on it. Would love to hold on to it if I knew it would be better in the next couple weeks. Does anyone else that has one experience these major issues with the device?
  • That's what insider preview is for... Testing for bugs and crashes. Should have left it on production to avoid bugs and crashes.
  • The thing is some people are just ignorant,I mean you even get warned what you are putting yourself into(insider preview).How can you enroll your daily driver device in an insider build.
  • U should stop from insider if u dont want any bug
  • So they sold the demo unit in the stores? Huzzah! (yes same old joke)
  • You believe anybody except android users think you are funny?
  • I almost got a chuckle! =P
  • They produced just one phone which is resold after being returned due poor build quality and lacking software.
  • Well, MS is known for selling broken stuff and call it new and working: x50 series, so in this case it could be that they keep selling the same returned unit as new :)
  • The x50 series is great and still perform in the top tier of the 810 generation. Stop making a fool out of yourself, it is starting to become a little... Worrying. How are you, really?
  • Hey, vhyr, I like that creativity!
    You are different from others.
  • That was funny. Buy a pill of humor dang it!
  • Could be, however, in the current state, with so many issues, I doubt you could see any difference between a demo unit and a sales unit :)
  • Keep exaggerating. :)
  • You meant demo Bomb 7 can explode too, right?
  • Thats a good news!
  • Nope. Looking ugly, issues with os, no 6" and so on. Not worth it for a 1520 user buddy.
  • It performs better in every way except camera... But i guess camera is not important since you didn't get a 950XL.
  • As a business I wouldn't touch wm10 with a 10-feet pole...... On my 930 my camera restarts the phone, bluetooth is something freezing, gadget app is now useless and calls don't work via head phone. Its feels like Alfa testing to be honest.....
  • Imagine what we are doing with dozens of Lumia 650s, some 950s, some old 830 updated to 10 that fail to do basic things, hang or reboot. Lucky we can return all of the x50s and buy something else, a little more expensive but at least it will not affect our productivity. Even Skype 4 Business is crashing all the time on those Lumias, so yeah, win10mobile in business is nothing but a total crap! Oh, not to mention that the L2TP VPN connection fails everytime, so we cannot use our company's VPN network. While this VPN issue has been reported to MS, they ignore it again and again...
  • Cool... I know a user case which migrated from Android to W10m in Sweden... About 6000 phones was exchanged. There are less problems than before. Why are you making so mich up?
  • His Bomb 7 was recalled.
  • Use recovery tool and and get the most working os on it, stop whining it will work.
  • I hear the U.S. Military is purchasing all the Samsung Note 7's... they make great incendiary grenades!! They take a while to get started but that's why they are great... the enemy has NO idea when they will go off... :)
  • I was at the Microsoft Store at Mall of America (Minneapolis / St. Paul / Bloomington, Minnesota) on Saturday and they didn't have a demo unit of the HP X3, but they were taking orders.
    Incidentally, they had an 83" Surface Hub on display for demo use. Amazing beautiful touch screen display. The white board features are good, but 4K YouTube videos were stunningly beautiful.
  • Was this before or after the stabbings.
  • Re: gamo62,
    The shopping center stabbings, I believe you are referring to, were in a different city, St. Cloud Minnesota, 80 miles away. St. Cloud is a city of 66,000 people. The population of Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro area is 3.8 Million.
    Very tragic.
  • OK, my take to this story. I am in a mood today. While everyone knows to their heart that this is a serious business phone. HP and MS are selling them to enthusiasts as previously stated.
    The phone was never meant to be a game changer; but an ignition for businesses.
    I would be happy if HP keep their inventory low but steadily making disruption to the market. Last week I have met a boss of my boss from France. Our company has 100,000+ employees worldwide and she is one of the top of the food chains. The French IT has stopped issuing iPhone.
    And guess what, they issued Windows 10 Mobile! Troll me!
  • Wait, are you serious? With the last part. If so, thats great news ! :)
  • I am serious, and it is great news :)
  • So while Apple fans are falling over themselves to buy the latest micro-evolutionary update, Samsung Note 7users scared to death their phones will associate them with ISIS, and the rest of the Android users complain, HP is selling what can be considered the most productive and sane device for 2016. Wishing them the best, let's what the pundits/haters say in 3...2....1......
  • Let's see if the phone will get worldwide! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android