HP Elite x3 shipments from U.S. Microsoft Store delayed until Sept. 26

Pre-order shipments for the HP Elite x3 phone with Windows 10 Mobile have been delayed from the U.S. Microsoft Store site. Originally scheduled for Sept. 12, they are now listed as beginning two weeks later on Sept. 26.

The shipment delay for the $799 (opens in new tab) 5.96-inch phone (via Neowin) comes even as the Elite x3 has slowly begun shipping in the UK. The Canadian Microsoft Store still shows a ship date of September 12 for the phone, for the price of $999 (opens in new tab). Both the U.S. and Canada Microsoft Store sites are selling the HP Elite x3 with its Desk Dock accessory.

Today is also supposed to be the day that HP's U.S. web store was supposed to start taking orders for the Elite x3, but as of this writing that has not happened. We will post an update when we learn more.

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  • Saying nothing
  • Blackberry operated the same way for a long time. No matter what the reason, MS sets their own dates and misses them so it is not a good PR campaign.
  • This isn't typical MS missing dates, this is more typical of HP. Design Dept, hardware Dept, marketing Dept, launch postpone Dept, loss of parts Dept, finding parts Dept, logo rebranding Dept, parts resale Dept, Leadership scandal Dept, leadership marketing Dept... Too big to fail, she said.. Even after the split.
  • Good thing she's not in control anymore. Hpe should replace her.
  • Yep, it could simply be the changes still impacting production somehow..
  • So many delays
  • Looks like another piece of news for the haters to blame MS. Can't see how it could be their fault. If shipping in UK now, its got to be a supply issue for the US, or, they don't want a warehouse full of them, or, they are, as they have stated many times, enterprise focused and consequently, they get them first causing the delays for consumers. Then again, in the strange world of haters, no matter what, it will still be MS fault.
  • My dear. Until we have a product cycle and quality delivery comparable to Apple and Samsung, it will always be Microsoft's fault. It is their ecosystem to protect and it's their fan boys that are getting pretty seriously disappointed. It is extremely complicated to migrate from one ecosystem to another, but once done, there is no point using any Ms product or ever returning to them.
  • You are correct, increasingly popular IoT devices and home automation and security devices are pushing their boundaries and making Windows 10 Mobile very outdated and unpopular because they don't support this eco system..No apps. I don't think MS could ever catch up with what other platforms are up to date anytime without enough market share. Their only platform saver moment is good window mobile OS + business focused Phone Hit billion sales.
  • You do realize Samsung just halted all shipments of Galaxy Note 7 because it might burst into flames, right? Apple has had production issues in the past, too. These aren't exactly flip phones that we're dealing with.
  • And in the equally strange world of fanboy apologists, it is never MS fault. Meanwhile, another date is moved yet again, with fans expected to be patient... yet again. At some point, you have to stop with the excuses and just execute. You may not hold them to that standard but I do. I have a tone of respect for Microsoft and know they can do better. It is one thing if it is a one-off, but lately this is becoming the norm rather than the exception.
  • So what exactly happened then? Is it a software or hardware issue causing the delay?
  • Wait what? You're actually pointing the finger at MS for HP delaying their product?
  • Sometimes a person has their head so far up their caboose that they can't help but come across as a moron.
  • I think it's a bit strong to use the adjective "haters" the reason people are on here is because they like Windows Mobile and I'm sure they are like me in saying they dearly would love to see it come to fruition and be the top notch os that it should and could be. For my sins I have a 950xl on contract, its been a headache since new, a Lumia 1520 that I use daily, the 950 is unreliable and buggy, not the best build quality it should have had being a so called 'flagship' MS product. being clever, Microsoft (if you want to look at it this way) quickly realised that once again they have made a bollix, so, as time went on they saw that the phone was flagging, to get the numbers up they did a buy one get one free, what does that say to you? Secondly, they brought out the surface laptops, lovely looking as they are, they have quite a few fundamental issues, (go to any forums on them), the biggest one being WiFi. Let's look at the definition of a laptop, It's portable, and you connect using wifi, so, Microsoft have produced this product with a label, the label being, "you may or may not be able to use this product as intended"( figurative) therefore it is not fit for use. There have been a number of fixes over the months, they do updates, fix it, and break other bits and pieces , fix those ,then break it again, these are the fundamentals that make the laptops function, so in the essence of that, if you bought a camera for example, and payed a premium price for it and it wouldn't take pictures you leave it back and get a replacement, if it does it again you crack up, get your money back and try another product. This is the reason every one here gets so mad, yes there are the die hard fans that think Microsoft can do no wrong, that's fine, but, the insider programme is a lame excuse to test poor frameworks, and obsolete or second best coding on the public, with their sticky plaster attitude, as in, we'll send it out,try it, if it's a mess we'll try a patch as soon as..... Now, I'm not a rocket scientist, merely an observer enjoying watching what I sincerely hope some day in the not too distant future will be a tremendous mobile phone platform that android and apple fans will want to join. Do you seriously think this will happen? As it stands in my humble opinion, I personally very much doubt it. I want the best here, I'll pay for quality products, and also importantly, quality apps. If it's a top notch windows product either laptop, pc, mobile whatever they have, I want it, but and it's a big but, they ain't got nothing right yet, nearly, but not yet. So, people here are right to crack up at times, It's not hating anything it's just total frustration at a badly mired system and like me wish it could succeed. Yes, there are times when I stick my sim back into my android device and marvel at the fact that it simply works, does what it's supposed to, and quickly. It gets an update annually, just one, maybe one patch, that's it, end of..... It just works. But, in my opinion its boring and that's where Microsoft have something, this is quite the opposite, its great eye candy and could be amazing. So let's keep ranting until maybe just maybe they'll get it right!!!
  • Why the **** can't they decide and stick to that decision!!!!
  • Because it's not their device?
  • I'm assuming this is so that it launches in a state that's actually usable.
  • Got mine on Saturday, (UK) very impressive. I'm hoping that there's an update for it soon, It's very slightly stuttery though very quick. No camera button but that's ok, the picture quality not up to either 950/ 1520 but it's not aimed at that market so it's a compromise. One thing I'm not impressed with is the bezel at the bottom appears to be a polished foil that has a slightly ragged edge that I can just pick, this isn't good for a phone of this calibre and I can see it being a problem later. I've just emailed them to make them aware that this is just out of the box and can be seen. Time will tell with it!!
  • Thanks for the "hands on" review.
  • That fake metal will peel off for sure. Ok for 49$ phone but 800$..
  • Yep, a tad worrying!!
  • True. Actually it's not OK for 49$ phone either. People going for budget phones expect quality in exchange for their hard earned money, not product which starts to disintegrate before taken out of the box.
  • Microsoft and HP have one phone to produce. One phone only. And they just cant get it done!? Every other phone maker nad their mother on the planet rolls out at least one flagship a year, together with entries in other categories. MS and HP cant get one right. Wonder if it's hardware issue (HP), software (Microsoft) or they r being greedy with the volume produced because once again they do not believe in their own product and their supply chain is laughing at them.
  • Yes and please give me some explosive battery too, why others can have their explosive smartphones in time and we can't :(
  • How can Google release their flagship phone in that state? ;-)
  • Lol
  • Yes, and as I recall, early GN7 buyers were complaining of other quality issues, too. And then there's the LG G5, which apparently is quite the lemon. I'll take delayed and working over rushed and broken any day. 
  • The big difference is,  that samsung is quickly recalling every note 7 and replacing it with a brand new unit,  where as if this was a lumia defect,  microsoft would say G F Y!  Just like they do many times to their consumers. 
  • The preview told us thta there where still (camera)bugs and even the Anniversary update was not available so no fingerprint. Good thing they only release this phone when everything works a it should because otherwise every reviewer on this planet would smash WM down again.
  • Soon...
  • Indeed, my friend. MSFT and its partners continue to be amateurs in the competitive mobile market place. Coming Soon (tm). Amateurs!
  • Will it work on Verizon
  • Yes, but you need a special adaptor
  • Can I get that adaptor for my 950XL?
  • Doesn't look like it will work on Verizon, on the 950XL duel now on Cricket. My Icon is probably better than this one
  • I hope this is a success and a new beginning. I will not be giving up my 950 though, this one is too expensive for my needs.
  • 799 dollars? Man, thats expensive!
  • ..and surface phone will be more expensive than elite x3. 1000$ will be broken for 100% sure
  • The vaporware phone (surface phone).....NOT HAPPENING....just like they cancelled Mclaren,  and others,  The mythical unicorn phone will not be coming to see the light of day,  that one is not coming soon,  its coming never.  
  • If I could afford this phone I would love to get it. But I'm very happy with My 950. If the surface phone is released next year on a carrier I'll pick it up, otherwise I'll probably pick up the 950xl. Man I'm super happy with the options we have.
  • Guys why do you always want to make every Hp Elite X3 headlines a means of comparison between 950xl and Elite X3?
  • Having played with both yesterday until I was nearly square eyed, there's no comparison other than camera, but that's fine, It's a totally different market.
  • Who cares? How does this affect your life? Move on.
  • Well since W10M still has massive Bluetooth issues, I'm glad they delayed the phone... Unless of course they don't improve it before release
  • I've still to experience this Bluetooth problem and I use mine everyday for Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth car stereo in my van which streams music and voice flawlessly from my 950. I only get WhatsApp notifications 50% of the time on this phone though and that's enough for me to order another Galaxy s7 coming tomorrow. I'll relegate the 950 to my work phone for the time being.
  • It's interesting I hear some people don't have the issues. I have had many 950 & 950XLs. All nice through out the inside program and now on Anniversary, have major issues Bluetooth worse with static playing music some times usually at the first second of the song, car connection doesn't reliably connect, or reconnect, Band 2 a mess not playing music and Cortana not working. I love these devices and continue to support MS and the developed of the platform.
  • Well good for you buddy. Wifi connectivity in my car is still very unreliable, NEVER had an issue with 8.1 but with 10 it is like a crap shoot if it will connect automatically. Every time I get the popup "would you recommend this build to a friend or colleague?" I give it a zero and comment that the Bluetooth connectivity is terribly. Hopefully they fix it soon...
  • I thought I was the only one who had Massive Bluetooth issues on my 950XL
  • I guess MS took too long with the anniversary update, now forcing hp to get their firmware sorted way too late. Time to market of this phone is way too long, I guess I can wait a little longer for the next MS flagship now. My 1520 is still as smooth as when I bought it, more than two and a half years ago. Those were the days...
  • I second that!!!
  • Am getting tired of Microsoft messing somethings , I don't like android n will never use it, love Windows but the way android is getting fast n less buggy is making me want to hate my Lumia 640 pls help my Lumia 640 is gettin slow day by day
  • If anyone cares?...I had a pre-order for the Elite X3 at the Microsodt store. Thanks to this site I learned about the delay. I went to the HP store and sure enough..says they will ship the phone Sept 7. I placed my order..and after it was confirmed it says it will ship "TODAY Sept 5th." Don't know if it's true., plus it's a holiday...but seems HP store is the way to go right now. BTW I have a Galaxy Edge 7 collecting dust. It's a nice phone..muffled call quality!,I switched back to my 950xl and it's barely buggy now at all. Loving Windows phone all over again EXCEPT the Windows Phone keyboard.really miss Swiftkey!...
  • Microsoft bought over swift key. Where is it? It's not here, probably ported it over to iOS. Lol
  • I preordered from HP and canceled my MS order. I wasn't able to get the printer as it says that preorders are not eligible. I did get a ship date of 9-6. I did use the EPP for 10% off.
  • what is EPP ?
  • I would get from canada because it price is lower when convert to US dollar but i dont see MS store has any option ship to US.