HP Elite x3 shipments from U.S. Microsoft Store delayed until Sept. 26

Pre-order shipments for the HP Elite x3 phone with Windows 10 Mobile have been delayed from the U.S. Microsoft Store site. Originally scheduled for Sept. 12, they are now listed as beginning two weeks later on Sept. 26.

The shipment delay for the $799 5.96-inch phone (via Neowin) comes even as the Elite x3 has slowly begun shipping in the UK. The Canadian Microsoft Store still shows a ship date of September 12 for the phone, for the price of $999. Both the U.S. and Canada Microsoft Store sites are selling the HP Elite x3 with its Desk Dock accessory.

Today is also supposed to be the day that HP's U.S. web store was supposed to start taking orders for the Elite x3, but as of this writing that has not happened. We will post an update when we learn more.

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John Callaham