Keep your whole family secure with a free three-month trial to 1Password

Passwords are tricky. You need dozens of them for all your emails, website logins, work accounts, and whatever else, but each one also needs to be unique and complex to keep everything secure. That adds up to a lot of random letters (some capitalized, some not), numbers, and special characters you have to remember. That's why password managers like 1Password (opens in new tab) are so great. Keep all those passwords as complex and secure as possible without having to drive yourself crazy or constantly click that "Forgot your Password?" link.

Android Central has considered 1Password to be the best password manager around for some time, and the developers are constantly updating it with new and exciting features. If you want to try 1Password (opens in new tab) right now, you can get a three month trial absolutely free. If you just go through the normal website, the free trial is only 30 days, so we're giving you some more time to learn all the ins and outs before you decide for yourself if you want to keep going.

Because this is 1Password Families, you'll be able to share your new account with up to five people in your household. Secure an unlimited number of passwords, credit cards, or secure notes and share them with each other without fear of revealing anything. Plus, 1Password will help your family generate strong passwords with new accounts, helping even the inexperienced password makers. If you have a private account you want to keep private, that's okay, too. The 1Password Families service comes with personal vaults you don't have to share with the other members on the account.

You'll get 1GB of document storage and customer support that's available 24/7. Extra features include the ability to rewind time by looking up passwords from up to one year ago that someone in the family may have changed or deleted. There's also a Watchtower Service that will notify you of any security breaches at sites you use. Plus, thanks to the apps, you can use 1Password on just about any platform, including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

After the first three months, the subscription will cost you $4.99 a month, but you'll keep all the above features and you will always have the latest, most updated, version of the service.

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  • I love 1Password and use it on my iPhone, iPad, and home PC to store all my credentials. Syncing across devices is seamless using Dropbox. It has served me well for a long time. What I do not like is their move to a subscription service. I'm still using the perpetual version. It works. Heck, I wouldn't mind a feature update from time to time that cost money. However, $36 a year for the individual plan is too steep for what I use it for. Once it is installed on my device I use absolutely none of their services. Passwords are generated on the device and the key files are stored using third-party storage. Total size of all 200 keyfiles is less than 1MB. I wish they had a decent one-time purchase option for users like me that just need password generation and storage.
  • I'd rather use Lastpass, 1Password charges way too much for something which is already offered for free from other companies (Lastpass, KeePass, Bitwarden, etc...)