Lenovo shows second-generation Yoga Book at Computex 2018

We already knew that a Lenovo Yoga Book 2 was on the cards, and now Lenovo has given us an early peek at the product itself at Computex 2018. At the Intel e21FORUM keynote presentation in Taipei, Lenovo's Jeff Meredith briefly showed off the second-generation Yoga Book on stage.

The updated device promises to retain the ultra-thin, ultra-light qualities of the first version, while boosting performance through faster Intel CPUs, along with a more accurate inking experience. Meanwhile, Lenovo is banking on AI to improve the accuracy of its touch-based keyboard.

Meredith referred to the Yoga Book 2 as having "dual display panels" though it's not clear whether Lenovo will go all-screen for the lower panel, as ASUS has with its just-announced Precog convertible.

Computex Yoga Book 2 sneak peek

No release date yet, but attendees were told to expect the Yoga Book 2 to make its full, official debut later in the year.

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Alex Dobie