Lenovo ThinkPad Windows 8 tablet specifications leaked

We're ready for more leaked information surrounding Windows 8 tablets to flow with the upcoming release of Microsoft's next major release of its desktop operating system drawing closer. Microsoft recently unveiled their Surface family of tablets, which would be built to force manufacturers to product unique and high quality hardware for Windows 8.

Lenovo is planning to launch Windows 8 tablet to rival Microsoft's Surface, as well as other OEMs building hardware for the platform (not to mention the iPad and Android tablets). According to Techin5, which got hold of leaked slides showcasing the proposed tablet, Lenovo will be launching the tablet under its ThinkPad brand and will be packing a punch with included features for business customers.

The first slide of specifications (yes there's two of them) reveal the dimensions and weight, the latter sitting at a maximum of 650g. The display is a 10.1" IPS LED screen (1366x768) with ten finger multi-touch. As one would expect a Windows 8 tablet to have, dual microphones (with noise cancellation) are present, as well as a 2MP (720p) FF webcam with a 8MP rear shooter (accompanied by flash), and a fingerprint reader is an optional feature.

NFC is sat with the fingerprint scanner as an optional inclusion, which we believe many purchasers may decide to add to the package. The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be aimed at business users and will boast a mini-HDMI port, 3.5mm headphones / microphone combo jack, MicroSD, USB 2.0, and a docking connector. More than enough to keep the employee / consumer connected to peripherals while leaving enough room for expansion and extendibility. 

As for the second slide, we've got more technical detail including what chipset will be powering the Lenovo ThinkPad Windows 8 tablet. Sporting the Intel dual-core Atom, accompanied by the Intel HD SGX545 IGP which supports DirectX9, the tablet will be able to hold its own through a task-orientated day in the office or at home. The tablet with also contain 2GB worth of DDR2 RAM and a 64GB SSD with Windows 8 (32bit) preinstalled.

Comparing to the competition

A third slide puts the Lenovo Windows 8 tablet against the iPad regarding features. The company isn't shy about showcasing just how their upcoming tablet holds out against the tablet market champion from Apple. Comparing the features between the two tablets and it's clear the retina display on the iPad is a winner when it comes to screen quality, however the Lenovo tablet sports more powerful hardware extras while only being slightly thicker and weighing in exactly the same as Apple's product.

No pricing or release information is available, but we expect this tablet to be available on (or close after) the release of Windows 8. What do our readers make of the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2? Would you be picking one up, or has Microsoft Surface stolen the show?

via: Techin5

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Why is this one way thinner than the surface pro?
  • Because it's made by a different manufacturer.
  • Because the surface pro will probably be packing an i5 instead of an Atom.
  • And, USB 3.0 ports which I believe are slightly thicker than USB 2.0 ports.
  • nm
  • I'm certainly pocking up a pro tablet. Which one remains to be seen.
  • Is Lenovo really buying Nokia? That should be the story. Since that's the rumor that sent Nokia's stock up yesterday.
  • you sir sound like a pump and dumper.  You need to STFU with stupid crap like that.
  • @inteller why you upset? This is the reason Nokia's stock went up. Rumor or not. Companies always denies these sort of buyouts. Then bam it was true. Who knows here. If Nokia's stock goes back down we'll know it was false.
  • Wow, that was pretty intense. You mad bro?
  • Lenovo, already said it has to be a joke and no plans of buying Nokia. No story to report, just a silly rumor again.
  • If their android pad is anything to go by, then id rather have Surface. The screen on that one is like a pre-historic capacative screen...
  • Is this an RT tablet?
  • I'm guessing no, since the OS is being labled as 32bit and not RT
  • no its pro, and will carry ultrabook prices.
  • Don't think will be priced high, Atom CPU is quite cheap. Seems a bigger Iconia Tab :)
  • No because the processor listed is x86 not ARM.
  • Ok. Now I don't care. How can a 2gb ram machine be more than a netbook. Fail.
  • Surely it should read "Windows 8 > iOS 5.x" on the comparison slide!
  • I thought the same thing. How can you possibly say a Mobile OS is equal to a full OS?
  • I tihnk that's more to do with the App Store compared with Microsoft's Windows Store. We'll have to see how it fills up.
  • Not shabby, but I've been in love with the form factor of the Asus Transformer line since it launched. I'll be investing in one of the Win 8 Transformer pads/docks.
  • Good thing its bundled and not a separate $150 accessory.
  • The windows logo looks a bit dated or is it just me
  • It is dated. That's the old logo and not the sexy new one.
  • I think I'll hold out for the Surface Pro....
  • what is most telling is the promised 10 hr battery life.  That means Microsoft HAS to hit better than that with the Surface RT or there will be BIG problems.
  • I'm not sure it's even possible to get over 10 hours of use out of a tablet at this point.
  • That's actually if the claimed 10hr battery life is actually accurate. Even then the Surface tablets have better design and build and are overall more desirable so if they dont have the same battery life I dont see why that will be a big problem.
  • Intel Atom = x86 architecture = full Windows 8 (not RT). Also Intel Atom = low power = low performance. Hopefully Windows 8 optimizations can help with the Atom's low performance. This has to be priced more along netbook arm tablet pricing.
  • you need to stop basing your opinions on old Atom designs.  Cloverfield cores are quite performant
  • Why isn't it running 64-bit OS? and it would be nice if all of the manufacturers would release information about acessories when releasing information about the pad itself. Such as will this dock simply be a stand/charger w/expanded usb ports or will is have and ethernet port and the dock. would also be nice to have a dock with good quality speakers built on. I have seen this done in the corporate world (Dock with ethernet/built in expande speakers, and oh yeah mini video port on the dock as well). If these units are slated to replace traditional desktops/laptops, they need not leave anything out.
  • 64bit requires more ram to run smoothly. with only 2gb, the tablet would run like crap.
  • I don't know about Windows 8, but previous versions have run perfectly fine with less than 4GB of memory, but it enables the user to make full use of more memory if the system has it. Unlike my stupid employer still using Windows XP x86 with >= 4GB in the laptops here.
  • This Lenovo is quite decently specked
  • Would rather a better CPU though
  • Me too....
    The i5 in the Surface will give me more bang for my buck...
  • Nice build, but I still have the Surface Pro, as the front runner in getting my money for the holidays!
  • Have to agree, it should be priced at or around netbooks.
  • 10h of battery life is not bad considering that this is a full x86 system. The only thing missing is a gyro. Now I am even more locked on an arm based tablet! If you get 10h our of x86 machines then I expect 15+ hours for arm based tablets. :-) Let's se them reviews and then I go buy myself a nice Christmas tablet.
  • I can't stand Apple as a company, but they have moved in the right direction as far as screen pixel density is concerned. I don't know why in 2012 we're still messing around with ancient 768 pixel displays. Should be a minimum of 1600x900 these days. So disapointed that MS further solidified on this terrible minimum resolution.
  • Well apple pretty much had no choice since the OS has pretty much reached its limits and they had to have something to make people buy yet another tablet that does the same thing as its predecessor.
  • +1 If only the iSheep could see this!
    I know several Apple owners leaving Apple for Win8 and its ecosystem
  • Everyone's a sheep if you're blindly following a company.
  • So that makes you a blind one?
  • 768 still gets the job done on 10" displays. Take your worthless opinion elsewhere.
  • Not after you've used retina display for a while. Especially if you read a lot, or if you like to look at high-res photos on your tablet, or you like games that have stunning crisp graphics, or you like to watch HD movies, or you have a good collection of album art, or you read photography or fashion magazines, etc.
    iPad might run limited shitty OS, but I'm not downgrading to worse screen ever again! (hence Surface Pro is the only choice of W8 tablet that is interesting to me)
  • So your saying I need a higher resolution and 10x the pixel density of my HD 1080P 55" TV to enjoy album art on a hand held device? I'm all for innovation and improving technology, but I'm more poised to enjoy a better user experience via performance, productivity, price... Not to mention, the technology needing the most improvement isn't displays, its batteries, seeing as to how displays use 10x more energy than the CPU's, retina seems like a waste of battery life at this stage of the game. Neet trick though squishing all those pixels together like that, almost as good as a 4k display, but that Tech is older than retina and no one is using it yet on mobile devices either. I will also point out that I read alot, and some how managed to type out this whole response on a phone without an HD display. And if I stick my phone to within a couple of inches from my face, right before my vision starts to blur... I can start to see the pixels... Damn shame I tell you....
  • I'm disappointed not to see many AMD APU-based tablets, they rock with Windows 8 and with all the graphical gestures in W8 it helps having the graphics boost!
  • Maybe because Intel is better than AMD.
  • Seriously you think Intel's Atom is superior? No way...
  • Yup it is
  • Its nice to see the war coming back full circle to where its supposed to be. Its a tell tale sign of good things when we can stop arguing about apples and oranges... or apple and PC's and really just focus on the important things like CPU's. AMD is obviously better for a gaming device, but is bigger, hotter and uses more energy, while Intel make better productivity based CPUs and are smaller, cooler (temperature) and use less energy. But never the less we will always argue about which one is better. Its as useless as arguing about Xbox 360 vs PS3, when clearly Xbox is better, but we do it anyways.
  • If you are going to introduce a device designed to run Windows 8 instead of Windows RT, presumely to claim the added benefit of running Desktop apps...then the Atom processor is just woofully underpowered.  I'll admit I haven't used a netbook in more than 16 months but based on past experience, there is nothing "business class' about running Desktop apps on such a processor.  DirectX9? c'mon.  I'm sure there are businesses that will appreciate it, being a brand they recognize & trust, but I hardly think any consumer will be considering this device.
  • I got a bit of a refresher on Intel's Atom line up.  I'm surprised Lenovo did not opt for the new "ValleyView" Atom processor that includes graphics subsystem from IvyBridge.
  • There is ZERO excuse for putting an Atom processor (of any number of cores) in a BUSINESS class machine. NONE.
  • Battery life? Honestly, you don't need that much CPU power to run Word or PowerPoint, just don't expect blazing performance when you open up Photoshop.
    And the major difference between these tablets and netbooks of old is the GPU-acceleration and the fact that it has an SSD inside (HUGE difference).
  • Im going for the RT, cause at this point all I need is internet and office. The pro is great but ill save money and get what ill use. If the surface is priced high I really like this tablet. Great looking as well.
  • Hardly. This thing will probably be priced WAY too high for what it contains, and is too underpowered to perform well for serious business use.
  • Sad to see a comment like this from one of the biggest windows supporters
  • Well, for what it's worth, I don't blame Windows for this. This is squarely on Lenovo and Intel. The Atom is the modern day Celeron, and Lenovo is foolish for using it in a business class machine.
  • Maybe its a next Gen atom, I'm sure it'll work great with metro
  • USB 2.0????? Really, there should be no USB 2.0 on any new devices being that 3.0 is backwards compatible.
  • Exactly.
  • Because the Surface pro is way more powerfull with i5, Ivy Bridge, 1080p screen, dual touch mode (finger and pen) probably more memory, USB3, displayport, larger storage ...
  • Agreed. Microsoft is clearly going to show hardware makers how it should be done.
  • With the Atom, Decent but not great screen and Stylus support I can see this doing well  in relation so replacing some of the PDA devices still favoured by many delivery firms. Only missing is the 3G data card but that could be offset with WiFi and some sort of tethering option coming fromt he delivery van.
  • Will this one have a Wacom active digitizer because I've had it with NTrig. 
    As far as I noticed only tablets with bigger screens then 10.1" have a Wacom pen. Doesn't Wacom supports 10.1" tablets?
  • Agreed. NTrig can suck it.
  • Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and only 32-bit Windows 8? Lame. If you're going the cheap route, at least use Windows RT and go with an ARM processor so it will perform admirably for what it's tasked with. Lenovo can and should do better for a so-called business class machine. THIS crap is exactly why the HP Slate failed, AND why Microsoft is launching the Surface.
  • Someone's photoshopping skills are horrid.  the logo on the home button is still the old logo...
  • I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a fake, but playing devil's advocate-- it could just be that Lenovo used the old logo or that it's a pre-production photo. I wouldn't put too much thought into that for now. It's the details of the guts that make the news relevant.
  • 2 gb ram it?? I cannot believe it will be a nonsense...Its a fake.
  • First off, it should have at least 2x2GB DDR3 1333 RAM if it is x64 and not ARM.
    Secondly, it should have at least an AMD E-Series APU, they are much better than the Intel Atom's. Overall, not only graphics or "gaming", but the CPU as well and the battery life as well. They play HD Youtube video smoothly, while Intel Atom's (yes, even the newest ones, there's videos on youtube, go compare it) are choppy. Also, the whole OS is very GPU accelerated so a better GPU can not hurt. E2-1800 at the very least, ideally it should use the 17W Trinity CPU, which is a couple of worlds better but still as energy efficient.
  • I want a Surface Pro, not this tablet.
  • I've been running Windows 8 on an old Dell D620 laptop that was at one time a business laptop.  This D620 is 1.6Ghz Centrino M Duo with 2GB Ram and an Intel graphics card that does not support DirectX at all.  For a laptop that struggled to run XP with any efficiency it runs Windows 8 incredibly well and Office 2013 runs much faster than Office 2003 that used to run on it.  I often watch not only You Tube HD videos but also stream HD movies (720P) wirelessly and I get no stutter at all.  In fact I was watching an HD movie and while it was streaming in the background I was looking up something on the internet and memory utilization was about 480MB.  I'm not saying that the Thinkpad has great specs but based on my experience with my D620 I expect the ThinkPad to perform just fine as a lower end tablet.
  • Not even considering this with a resolution that low!
  • If it had USB 3.0 I would be sold. I want to be able to hook this to an external monitor and essentially make it a "portable-desktop" when I need to sit in one place for a long while. The USB 3.0 would let me hook up external drives. So far, it still looks like the Surface Pro for me. Pity. I really like lenovo's offering otherwise.
  • For me, it's mostly going to depend on pricing. I really want a Surface tablet, but if it's way out of my price range (I don't have $1,000 to spend on a tablet), I'll be looking at other OEMs. Here's hoping Microsoft gets pricing right.
  • Atom processors... yuck. I'll take a pass on this. Needs to be an i3 or better for the x86 tablets.
  • I'm actually a fan of lenovo, especially their ever thinkpad series. However, the Surface is one awesome device, so I think I'll stick with it.
    Maybe Nokia could change that with a Lumia Tablet? :)