Life Is Strange 2 up for digital preorder on Xbox One

Recently, Square Enix announced that Life Is Strange 2 will return with a new five-episode story. Better yet, the first episode is coming to Xbox One and other platforms on September 27, 2018. You can now digitally preorder the game on the Microsoft Store for $39.99. This includes access to the complete season and a bunch of preorder bonuses like mascots and patches.

Life Is Strange is regarded by many as a modern cult classic, and when Square Enix announced a sequel, many gamers were understandably elated. A free game called The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit launched today which takes place in the same universe.

We recently played The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit and it's a touching, personal story. You step into the shoes of Chris, a creative and imaginative nine-year-old boy who escapes reality with fantastical adventures as his alter ego Captain Spirit. It's unclear if Chris will be the protagonist of Life Is Strange 2 or if there will be other characters.

Just like The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit, Life Is Strange 2 features Xbox One X enhancements. According to the store listing, it achieves "4K Ultra HD" visuals on the consoles. It's unclear if this refers to native 4K resolution or a checkerboarded solution. Square Enix is expected to release more information in the coming weeks.

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Asher Madan

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  • I was already planning on playing through Life Is Strange 2, but playing through The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit totally piqued my interest. LIS2 couldn’t come soon enough.
  • I consider myself a fan of the series (despite all it's flaws) and Captain Spirit will probably take up my free time after work today, but as the late TotalBiscuit said many times: do not preorder video games. I'll wait for first opinions.
  • Totally agree, we as gamer should all be against this pre-order culture. And even more the digital pre-order. The only time it makes sense is if we are buying limited edition that we know we'll never get at launch. There is another time where it makes sense. If the game is significantly cheaper than the game at launch and we know the game will probably be good. But in other cases we shouldn't support it no matter who makes the game.
  • The before the storm was not half as good as the original