Remnant: From the Ashes armor list — All the armor sets and gear

When you're out adventuring, fighting against the otherworldly Root, you should always use the best protection possible. That's why we've gathered a list of every armor in Remnant: From the Ashes, so you can know what different sets are out there and what you have available to choose from. In this game, using pieces of the same set of gear together will give you a bonus, so while you're free to mix and match, you should keep that in mind. The more pieces you use, the stronger the bonus. Remember though that every piece of armor can be upgraded and improved, so don't just ignore something straight away because it has lower stats.

All the armor in Remnant: From the Ashes

Adventurer set

You start the game with this set. While it is barebones in terms of defense, it comes with the Treasure Hunter set bonus. This bonus increases the chance that you'll get nifty loot from breaking things apart.

Akari set

The Akari gear can be found in Vault of The Herald at Rhom. Each piece is behind a locked door that you'll need to open with the Glowing Rod. It has the Opportunist bonus, which grants a buff to melee damage and critical chance when you dodge enemy attacks perfectly.

Bandit set

To get the Bandit set, grab the Pocket Watch from the Mud Tooth's Hideout. Give it to Brabus and you'll get the Bandit set. This gear has the Freeloader bonus, granting the chance to restore a spent bullet if your shot connects.

Cultist's set

You get this set automatically by choosing the Ex-Cultist Archetype. Alternatively, you can buy it from Rigs. This has the Blood Pact mod, increasing your mod power generated by critical hits.

Drifter's set

The coat and boots in this set are found in the Founder's Hideout. The helmet is unfortunately a random drop on Earth. This is equipped with the Wanderer bonus, making you use less stamina, which can help early on by keeping you from having to put Trait points into Constitution.

Elder set

This set is found in Yaesha, at the Martyr's sanctuary. The Believer bonus gives you a chance not to consume a use of Dragonheart upon using it. While not dependable due to the random chance, it can definitely come in extremely handy.

Hunter set

You get the Hunter set automatically if you choose the Hunter Archetype. If you didn't, then you can just buy it from Rigs. This set comes with the Sharpshooter bonus, increasing the damage dealt to enemy Weak Spots if you are over 15 meters away.

Osseus set

Purchase this set from Wud, in the Scouring Wastes at Rhom. You'll have to purchase Wud's secrets for 500 scrap, then you can buy the set for 3,500 scrap. The Osseus set has the Bloodlust bonus, giving you a brief boost to damage after killing an enemy.

Radiant set

The Radian helmet can be found in a side dungeon in Yaesha, which you unlock with the Strange Curio. The armor and boots can be bought from the Stuck Merchant. The Momentum bonus on this set allows you to stack critical hit damage the more critical hits you pull off in a small amount of time.

Scrapper set

You'll get this gear from choosing the Scrapper Archetype. Else, purchase it from Rigs. It comes with the Challenger bonus, increasing the damage you deal to enemies that are within 2.5 meters of you.

Slayer set

To acquire this set, give the Guardian's Heart to the Iskal Queen. It has the Assassin bonus, which increases the damage you deal with your next shot after reloading.

Twisted set

On Earth, you'll need to get a random event where you have to defend a tree called The Root Shrine. Once the random event is over, use the tree to craft the Twisted set, which has the Regrowth bonus, granting very, very slow health regeneration.

Void set

In the Monolith at Rhom, you'll find a tile floor puzzle. Solve it and be rewarded with the Void set. This has the Vengeance bonus, granting you extra damage for a few seconds after taking damage.

The choice is yours

No matter what armor you choose, whether you're going for a specific set or you intend to mix and match the pieces to your liking, you can upgrade the armor multiple times. Try out different playstyles and use different sets with weapons that will benefit from the bonuses. You will of course need piles of scrap and other resources in order to upgrade everything. Remnant: From the Ashes is out right now on all platforms, and the Xbox version costs $40 at the Microsoft Store.



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