The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headphones did drop as low as $180 brand new over Black Friday. Since then, they've bounced back to about $200. That's still a great price, but it's hard to find with Target currently your best option. If you don't mind paying for a refurbished unit directly from Bose, you can get them down to a rare, rare low price of $159 through the Bose website. The great thing about this deal, beyond the price, is that it applies to all four available color combinations. Pick your favorite, save big money, and get one of Bose's best headphones. What's not to like?

All products refurbished by Bose are covered with the same gaurantees and warranties of a new product. This deal ends Dec. 6 but will probably sell out before then anyway as refurbs tend to be in limited supply.

Bose Qc 35 Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones | Refurb Savings

Historically some of the best and most popular Bose headphones around. Get them refurbished for a crazy low price that even beats what they dropped to for Black Friday, which is a deal that no longer exists anyway.

$159 at Bose

For these headphones, it's all about the extra microphones. With more than one mic, these headphones are able to listen to you, isolate your voice, and isolate all the other sounds around you. The active noise-cancelling can then cancel out that background noise, removing it from the equation so you're only listening to the sounds you want to hear. The ANC is even adjustable so you can get some of that noise if you need to hear it, like the sound of traffic while you're walking.

You can also use the mic to contact your voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant and get some questions answered. Or use it to take phone calls, letting the phone cancel out background noises while you talk so you have a crystal clear voice every time.

Bluetooth and NFC pairing make it easy to connect every time, and the battery lasts for up to 20 hours even with Bluetooth and ANC on. Turning off either one can extend the life of your headphones. If you choose to go with wired listening instead of wireless, you can make the ANC last up to 40 hours. That's great for long plane rides and things like that where you need the extra time.

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