Kicking off this sale is the company's 6700mAh portable power bank which is down to just $15.99 when you check out using the coupon code ANKERPC3 at Amazon. If you're more of a power user, or just prefer having a ton more capacity in your pocket, the 20000mAh PowerCore Elite is down to $34.99 with promo code ANKELITE. Not only do you get extra capacity, but it also has a higher output which allows it to charge your devices quicker.

Of course, to go with the chargers you will need some new cables. This 2-pack of PowerLine+ USB-C cables is down to $16.49 when you use the code CABLE869, and this 5-pack of various sized USB-C cables is $18.19 with code CABLE863.

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Lastly, if you need a way to charge multiple devices while at home or in the office, this 5-port USB wall charger is the way to go. It's down to $32.19 with code BEST2556, and it has four USB ports as well as one USB-C port.

Be sure to grab the corresponding coupon code for the item you wish to purchase, as each code only works for one item.

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