May Security update hitting the Dell Venue Pro

According to a reader, he was "notificated" and able to install the May security update (opens in new tab) (7392) on the Dell Venue Pro. Still waiting for Omnia 7 to get the heads up from Microsoft that the update issue has been resolved so I (among others) can get up-to-date. Have you received the update notification on your Venue Pro?

Thanks for the heads up Dave!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Updated earlier this morning. I didn't receive an update alert though. It was only when I happened to have connected my DVP to my PC. Merk.
  • I had an alert on my HD7 yesterday. Installed the update with no problems last night. Took about 45 minutes all together.
  • Updated last night. And took the opportunity to swap to a Sandisk class 2 card and so far, the crashes seem to have stopped, though the phone now seems slower.
  • Bah, ump you guys! I am a Focus rev 1.4 and still waiting on NoDo!
  • Sheesh Microsoft needs to put out another update just change the build number so it forces ATT to push out both ASAP.I love that ATT is keeping me hostage from getting security updates.
  • The only AT&T device not getting NoDo is a special version of the Focus (v1.4 HW). It has different memory modules that don't play nicely with NoDo so Sammy & MS are working together to fix it.In other words, without ascribing blame, it's a complicated problem--not just one of AT&T not pushing out the update.
  • I'm angry at Microsoft about Omnia 7. I bought it because i wanted the best Windows Phone experience without compromises. It makes me angry that others who bought cheaper windows phones have NoDo and i'm still waiting for pre-NoDo!
  • +1 anantou, i'm very disappointed with my Omnia 7, no NODO and big sound problem when calling (it cuts randomly after some seconds, we are many in this case).We are in May... when purchase phone in november it was planned for early in 2011 !
  • You guys should be blaming Samsung, they are the ones who made changes to their devices without obviously keeping MS in the loop,now they have to catch up. All other WP7 devices are updating nicely (barring carrier delays) so I think its clear its not all MS's fault.
  • Also rolling for the TMo HD7. My friend just texted me that he got a notification on his.
  • got the nodo on my .3 focus still waiting for the security update.curious about the "delay" wait in getting the security update out!!
  • 2 DVPs on TMO USA, only got the update message yesterday when I hooked them into zune.
  • CoolBut I really want the firmware update instead haha
  • btw, my DVP has been like a new machine since I did a factory reset a few weeks ago. some programs hang and cause a crash if you keep pushing buttons, but that happens maybe one or two times a week now, rather than 3 times a day, like it used to. have an 8gb card
  • Got mine yesterday after work (10 may 11).Kal
  • Ok. So a while back I had installed NODO pre maturely using the chevron updater. going back to that there was 2 updates that were being updated (the update to help the update itself, and the NODO update). the first one I had updated officially through zune but the NODO update I did through chevron updater. Now where im going with this is, I know that if you did the update through the updater then you are not able to get any other updates in the future. Well just to confirm I did no factory reset or anything. And I was waiting for the fix from the chevron updater. Well I got a prompt saying that theres a new update and I updated my DVP with no problems. I now have 7392.
  • Hey, that "reader" is me :-D