Microsoft Store has discounts up to $1,000 for Windows 10 PCs until Sept. 6

The Microsoft Store is selling a ton of Windows 10 PCs with big discounts this Labor Day weekend. The price cuts go up as high as $1,000 and will last until September 6.

Here are some of the bigger price cuts in this latest Windows 10 PC sale:

Alienware 15 Touch Signature Edition Gaming Laptop (opens in new tab) $1,449 (normally $2,449)

Alienware 17 Signature Edition Gaming Laptop (opens in new tab) $1,799 (normally $2,299)

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 (opens in new tab) $799 (normally $1,299.99)

Dell XPS 12 9250 (opens in new tab) $899 (normally $1,299)

Razer Blade Signature Edition Gaming Laptop (opens in new tab) $1,699 (normally $2,399)

You can check out all of the Microsoft Store Windows 10 PC sales at the link below:

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Thanks Microsoft, now go ahead and take off $1000 from the surface book
  • Your such a loser. Why don't MS just offer it free. Shoot, pay people like you to take it from them. While they are at it, they should give you free MS stock too, plus futures.
  • Those who down vote me are losers too. Clearly you pretentious hicks want things for free then piss your pants when **** don't work.
  • I'll upvote you. It gets tiring to read any tech site and see people expecting companies and dev's to work their a**'s off for free and eat ramen noodles and soda crackers.
  • Your downvotes aren't from entitled people who believe companies should sell their products at a major loss, but from those who don't appreciate the way you expressed yourself. You were rude, plain and simple; you'd get quite a few upvotes, even one from me, if you didn't outright offend WengWeng_21 by calling him a loser.
  • Well, I am correct. Don't like it? You're a loser too.
  • I guest you are saying that the $1000 discount on the other pcs means that they are free too? Do you realize that if Microsoft takes off a thousand dollars off the highest model surface book that it still would be priced over $2000?
  • You continue to amaze me with your stupidity.
  • Really now? I didn't know it was stupid to ask for a discount? You seem to be very rich.
  • If they did I would buy one in a heartbeat, and I dont even need a computer LOL
  • Pretty sure the reason these devices got these massive discounts is that a new generation is about to arrive equipped with the new Geforce 1000 series processors. Surface Book isn't slated to be replaced by a new generation for quite a few months, so good luck waiting for it! :)
  • ^^^to late for me if they do, picked one up last weekend.
  • Is it possible for me to order online if I'm in Russia
  • I pulled the trigger on the Razer Signature Edition laptop since it was $700 off.
  • Omgosh...I was so pricing out this exact same Alienware 15 model not even two days ago for $2,200! I think I might be getting a new laptop!