Mobile Nations Weekly: iPhone 6s arrives in hands, Android arrives on BlackBerry

New York, here we come!

Normally, when there's a scheduled Apple-related event, be it a press announcement or a product release, the rest of the tech world lays low, avoiding their exciting news from getting buried under the breathless coverage of a fawning press. And initially it seemed like it would be that way with this week's release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Google had their Nexus event scheduled for the week after, and Microsoft planned to unveil their wares a week after that.

But there's one thing that was scheduled way in advance and couldn't be changed, lest they draw the wrath of the SEC: BlackBerry's quarterly earnings call. Normally they're pretty staid affairs, laden with numbers and optimistic talk of future earnings potential (that's true of just about every company's earnings calls). But with all the leaking evidence mounting, BlackBerry felt they had no choice and went ahead and announced the Android-powered Priv by BlackBerry — the portrait slider device with a physical keyboard of many fan's long-forgotten dreams, no less.

Who would've thought that it would be BlackBerry that'd cut through all the noise on iPhone launch day?

Windows Central — On the horizon

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Overall it was a relatively slow week for Microsoft. However, this is just the expected calm before the storm for October 6 in New York for their big press event. Here is what we expect Microsoft to reveal on that day.

Unfortunately (for Microsoft), the leaks keep happening for that show day. Over the weekend, the first legitimate images of the new Microsoft Band 2 found its way to the web. On board are a new, curved display and a big improvement in aesthetics. The Band 2 is expected to go on sale in early November.

A few internal Microsoft slides revealed the upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL flagship Windows Phones in all their glory. Although the information just confirmed what we already knew, it is still exciting to read about its iris scanner and QHD display. Both phones should be available sometime in November.

Android Central — Pure, BlackBerry, and Pay

We're gearing up for the launch of some new Nexus devices as well as Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but there's plenty of current fodder to be had as well. We've been knee deep in reviews, Android Pay vs. Samsung Pay, and we've got an Android-powered BlackBerry on the way. To wit:

CrackBerry — Priv for privacy, for Privilege, for Android

BlackBerry Priv

Heading into this week, we knew it would be an interesting one with BlackBerry set to announce their Q2 2016 earnings results but I don't think anyone accounted for what would happen in between the start of the week and the end of the week. Earnings report, the all-new Priv by BlackBerry slider getting announced and more is what we ended up with. A bit of a rollercoaster ride.

iMore — It's iPhone 6s time!

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are here! Apple launched this year's flagship phones as only Apple can, with pomp and circumstance from London to New York and around the world. Check out our ongoing coverage and if you need iPhone 6s help then jump on in!


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Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Is going windows phone 10 to be full relewon October 6???
  • Unlikely, they will just announce the release date
  • I hate the design and I don't think it would be easy to type with keypad placed do low. The balance does not look good to me.
  • I'm still peeved that BlackBerry went down the Android route instead of Windows where I think they'd fit right in.
  • Blackberry went where the customers are. Windows Mobile 10 is unproven, and so far nobody is making apps for windows 10 tablets/PCs (besides people who already had been making them). I'm currently at the tipping point of switching to iOS. The 950 xl will likely be my last windows phone unless things start changing
  • Me too.
  • BB cared less about their customers back in 2011/12 stringing us along, packed my bags and never looked back, see "similar" traits here which might result in the same outcome for me.
  • "They went where the customers are"
    And what a great decision it was, seeing how their sales are still dropping.
  • This hasn't come out yet so the sales impact hasn't been seen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Heck they'd be better making more refinements to their Android emulation on bb10 devices then going pure Android
  • I never had android phone or iOs. I only have this L520, but to be honest I'm thinking about android... I love Windowsphone and hope W10Mobile is good. Got to think about this little more, should I continue with Windows or switch to Android?
  • I have a lot of respect for blackberry, the OS was just too slow. Going android is like their Trojan strategy. I see a lot of the blackberry OS evolving to be like android, after they must have won some fans back.
  • Blackberry need to just make phones that support/run on the different mobile OS flavors...
  • IPhone 6s is so good, beautiful... The OS is so fast.. But I still love windows(phone)
  • But it arrives in a hand? I though they cracked down on the way their odms treat their employees
  • Blackberry sold out. Lol "Can't beat em, join em"
  • Soon enough they'll end up like palm running on solely a tape deck
  • I think windows 10 mobile is the last chance for MS to prove how farther is WP can go or it will be the end of windows on mobile phones,we'll see.And if it ends.I'm the one who will go back to Apple again since I left it almost 3 years ago to use some Android phones for a short time and WP for now.
  • Still believe in windows and think it will get better if developers start porting their apps to windows from iOS and android.
  • "think it will get better" maybe, the big question is how long does one have to wait? The thing is a "restart" is just that, gonna take some time, a long time to prove it is a success unless something earth-shattering evolves in the meantime, not seeing it.
  • Why would they take pains to port for that platform whose market share is 2% or less? And who isn't consumer friendly? MS themselves update their apps on,android but not on wp.
  • ^^^ These guys are the poster kids for trolls
  • M waiting for eternity. I mean for windows phone 10
  • LOL... Me too
  • I ask Cortana, when will you get updated and when will windows 10 arrive? And she says "I thought you never ask, so I never thought about it" :P. And belfiore is like, happily clap hands, how intelligent she is
  • Join insider member like me
  • Intelligent move.....blackberry......every company is upgrading themselves and releasing new products......and MS is busy removing bugs from underdeveloped OS. I feel they will be ready to release when apple will launch iPhone 10 good competition....WM10 v/s iPhone 10.
  • No! Even at that time, we would have, "when in India?" :P
  • In praising BB's move you are trashing MS. W10M is in Tech Preview so obviously it will be underdeveloped. Don't blame MS for any bugs in a Tech Preview.
  • Remember that they developed 3 windows for each device (WP,XBOX,PC) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You need to see that iOS is at the 9th version already, while windows is only at the 4th major version. Not to mention that Apple had time to develop it ever since the iPod, as the iPhone was first just an iPod with phone app and a browser.
  • Since my switch from Android to WP I said forward ever backward never. I believe Windows 10 mobile will be the best OS on the planet. But Microsoft need to do something to win the b hearts of developers.
  • Stay off drugs
  • I loves Windows Phone. Beautiful OS. Elegant sophisticated its gorgeous and holds nicely compared to IOS and Android although not having as many features which Windows 10 addresses in some cases but the thinking about it or becoming the best and most popular etc is futile if you ask me. The apps man, the apps. Compared to IOS and Android its a sad sad sad tale (especially IOS) and even those that do exist sent updated for several years (kik anyone, a pathetic excuse of a company which I've emailed about them updating their app. Take advantage of Snapchats absence etc oh well). The app gap is terrible and very real. I don't even use my Lumia 640 apart from calling texting occasional browsing (IE is terrible terrible compared to Chrome or Safari (IOS 9 brings adblocking for safari) where everything is slow laggy cumbersome ads everywhere terrible mobile pages on it. It is sad). I use my Nexus 5/2013 7 and iPad Air (even iPod touch 5) for media content and other thing like gaming and occasional use.
  • The apps are a problem. I agree! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No matter is gonna evolve..and be the OS standing above android & IOS..keep your hopes high.
  • Exactly. I have never tried IOS and find Android buggy. Windows phone is awesome and promising.
  • Problem is its been 'promising' for what, like 5-6 years now? When is it just going to become a solid OS Instead of what teachers in public school would say to the students with bad grades 'you have potential'. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have had about three or four people tell me they hate their iPhones (yet, still use them). My first smartphone was a Samsung prepaid which might as well have been a flip phone for all I was able to do on it. I wonder how much of the general public even know Windows phones exist. I say that in all seriousness.
  • I wonder the same. What's strange, when I tell others about Windows phone, it seems to turn into a commercial for iPhone. They know of Windows phone but not like I do as a normal user.
  • Spoke to a guy with a Windows phone the other day. It had a cracked screen and he said he would be getting a new phone. I expected him to say it would be a 950 or 950xl. He said he would get the new iPhone and that he works hard and deserves an iPhone.
  • At least you are a dreamer but that is not to happen anytime soon what so ever. That's the sad and brutal reality.
  • Was super interested in the new ecosystem of windows 10 especially after upgrading my laptop, so I recently jumped into the windows insider program on my old Lumia 520. Must say the whole UI looks very inconsistent. Maybe it's because this is pre release software, hence not very smooth. Will Microsoft be able to put it all together before the launch of the new phones? I sure hope so. I need a new phone after two years on Galaxy note 3, and am considering all my options before taking the monetary plunge in November.
  • And now MS watches them... Doing nothing for Windows fans.. At least a Bluetooth folder would be so satisfactory
  • Windows phone 10 is nothing but a theme change... To be frank
  • No. It brings a lot of new features. Read some articles about that. Why you talking?
  • iOS SUCKS, iJUNK 6 OR 6s crap are the most overrated toy garbage ever made, with 720 res that many flagship phns used like 5 years ago, with Crap Battery, NO wireless charging, NO back button, NO microSD slot............ Android, SPY tool for Google, to watch and monitor EVERYTHING people do, by listening and monitoring their devices, for ADs. However, there are very few comps, that alter Android to the point that Google can't spy on people, and of course Google does not like that, or wants those  comps to fallow.    Windows/Microsoft, by far the BEST and most stable OS out there. Has the best features. As old as is my 1520, its still 10000x better than overrated iJUNK 6+, with features iJUNK still does NOT have. of course 950 and 950XL, is even 10000000000000000000000000x more advanced with QHD screen, 20 pix camera, 3000/3300 wireless charging with removable battery. MicroSD slot.............................that overrated iJUNK can ONLY dream about.  So MS wins, hands down. 
  • Very truly said friend
  • Yup yup yup
  • I want so badly to get the 950XL!
  • Keep 'drugs' out Posted via the Windows Central App
  • How sad and pitiful live you have. Obviously obvious troll but MS is not winning in the mobile department sorry. But keep dreaming and trolling to whisk the pain away from the brutal truth of the situation lol.
  • U forgot Microsoft who sucks in marketing their new products.
  • With no applications aha!
  • Not sure if you missed it, but Microsoft tracks you just like Google in Windows 10. It isn't an issue anyways, Google doesn't use you data in nefarious ways and they use it to bring you cool features and services for free. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iPhone 6s fans don't have the knowledge of the phone really. The fans are crazy and long lining at the store to buy it as they said because it has gold cover. Technically, if think clearly, Apple fans are the "debit" products of Apple. It's called iFooled.
  • I'm sure that windows 10 mobile will be the great OS but it can't be grown up without support from the apps developers.I don't understand until now why the developers to ignore making apps for WP?Is it harder or it's not worth? WP is growing up slowly because of this problem.
  • I think are waiting for this 'universal' thing.... Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Apple makes nothing but a simple phone for simple people. Simple but works.... see the big problem with is 'devs' is to lock ourselves in the garrage and start coding the way we think.... end user need to be considered 95% on every decision made. I think apple wins there.... simplicity but efficient Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Even Android (Stock and some skins) is simple slim and efficient. Including Windows 8.1/10 but Apple just works and you are right about that. They nail it hands down. Fast updates, long support. Great app ecosystem with lots of developer support with a nice niche jailbreaking scene to boot with loyal customers great hardware and specs (iPhone 6s 1.8 ghz A9 64 bit chip (I think about the ghz) with 2 gigabytes of ddr4 ram with a 12 megapixel on the back (ois on plus) with a 5 mp in the front etc) It's a great ecosystem that does just work.
  • If Apple just works, why do I see people doing hard resets all the time? Not to mention, failed updates.. . All devices fail!!
  • I fully agree! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A sad move from my second favourite tech company after MS. But it was a move which had to be done. BB was going nowhere with its propietary OS, however good and secure it was. 
  • Since 2011 I use my first windows phone (HTC radar), in 2012 I went to iphone 4, then in 2013 i though it's was time go back to Windows phone with the Nokia 920 "to heavy", in the same year I bought the Nokia 925 it last me for 4 month.
    In 2014 I bought the iPhone 5, The iPhone 5 last me until 2015, then I thought it was time to go back again with the Nokia 930!!
    Great camera outstading phone!! but the windows 8.1 is not ready yet to face the ios and the android.
    So I sell the Nokia 930 and I bought a galaxy s6 Maybe the windows 10 it will be an awesome OS but until then am gonna use android. PS I love WP!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Strangest group of commenters I have ever seen on WindowsCentral. Where did they all come from?
  • Most of the real WP fan have left due to the bombardment of hate and negatively by imposters and trolls.
  • Hello
  • 3D or force touch is looking good, useful feature but that whole video was kind of funny, not in a good way with the way the presenters speak.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This Blackberry is awesome. To bad it's running android but i understand why they did that.
  • None of the links for video were windows phone related looked at each one half said no video found strange.
  • Apple is not technology , Apple is scam(ology)!!!
  • Yes!!!!!!
  • There should be a Windows 10 Mobile phone with a physical keyboard as well.  Can't anyone install windows 10 on the Dell Venue Pro phone?
  • Windows will rule all one day;) just wait you fan boys;) switch to your dying companies that will get so high they will fall
  • Do you thing apple and Google are dying company's? Thing how many employers do they work there and fight for there work, as well employees of Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But don't come crying back when Windows is the new cool thing;)
  • It's good to company's to have competition Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Keep your laggy POS devise's that are literally made to break just to buy another,
  • But Nokia is the definition of sturdy and durability!!!
  • Microsoft please just advertise!!!!!!!!!! Mobile!!!
  • Men you better keep your doctor's phone number in your speed dial(if wp has it)... Bse soon you gonna suffer BP Posted via the Windows Central App