Mobile Nations Weekly: Leaks and updates

Windows 10

Best 5.1 speakers for PC gaming (Image credit: Microsoft)

As we barrel head-first towards the next major trade show — MWC 2016, it's worth taking a moment to keep everything in perspective. We're going to see new phones, and they're probably going to be awesome.

Alright, so much for perspective. Coming up at MWC? The all-new-but-still-familiar Samsung Galaxy S7 and the all-new-and-double-everything LG G5. And while we expect that Korea's two biggest electronics manufacturers will dominate the show, that's still a week away and there's plenty of news for the week that was.

Windows Central — Builds

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft continued to deploy updates to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile this week with the latest cumulative updates. The OS patches address security concerns, improve performance and as usual fix bugs. First up was Windows 10 build 10586.104 for PC, which also came with a nice changelog. Next, Windows 10 Mobile was updated to 10586.107 for both Fast and Insider Rings.

In a policy change, Microsoft is now detailing the significant changes in these OS updates, which is making a lot of folks happy.

Speaking of Window Insiders Microsoft created a new Insider ring called Insider Release Preview. This ring is below Fast and Slow and is considered even more stable, but is still thought of as 'early access' to production builds.

We reviewed the $99 mini-PC by Kangaroo with some positive observations about the new computing category.

Android Central — Leaks

LG G5 case

It's hard to go a day without seeing some new Galaxy S7 leaks, and the latest is a set of pictures that show a curvier glass back and a smaller camera bump. We explore just what that might mean, as further leaks point to waterproofing on the Galaxy S7. Also, how about some accessory listings and wallpaper leaks, too.

Have you heard your Hangouts calls improving in quality? That's because the system now uses peer-to-peer connections when possible to improve things across the board. In other app news, Instagram finally has support for multiple accounts on one phone.

CrackBerry — Updates

BlackBerry Priv security update

Picking up from last week, Priv security updates continued to roll out for the month of February with all major Canadian carriers having released the update. BlackBerry announced new way for developer to have their apps highlight as a sort of replacement for the Built for BlackBerry program and finally, a new Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 devices was released.

iMore — Error


Rumors continue to swirl about iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se, and even iPhone 7 — yeah, already! And we're keeping you updated on all of them! We're also tracking security issues like Sparkle, Jan 1, 1970, and Error 53. Luckily we finally have Apple Music on Sonos to keep us calm and carry us on!

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