More Lumia 1520s receiving the Lumia Cyan update, including Hong Kong, Italy, and the Middle East

About one week ago, the Lumia Cyan update began a near global rollout for the popular Lumia 1520. We note 'near' global rollout because although many countries and carriers started to push out the update, there were quite a few that did not.

Beginning yesterday, many more Lumia 1520 owners were eligible for the Lumia Cyan update and we have crawled through all the tips and Nokia's own site to bring who is getting what now. Let us see if your Lumia 1520 is now flagged for Cyan!

Lumia 1520s now getting Lumia Cyan update (New)

  • Africa – South Africa CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV; Hong Kong CV; Singapore CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Germany Vodafone; Italy TIM, Vodafone; Poland CV; UK Vodafone
  • Latin America – Brazil CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Kuwait CV; Oman CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; United Arab Emirates CV; Yemen CV

See our previous list from last week with other Lumia 1520s.

Preview users still do not get Cyan (yet)

Even though many of you are likely on the Update 1 Preview, you still do not get Cyan just yet. In other words, although your phone may match the listing here, if you check for an update you will not get one. Those on Preview will get Cyan eventually, when Microsoft fixes the BitLocker problem. However, there is no ETA on that fix.

If you choose to not wait, you can always revert to 8.0, take the updates that way, and then continue up to the Update 1 Preview. The choice is yours and the only difference is either waiting or not waiting.

If you have questions, see the following helpful articles for further details:

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