This new Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard has dropped to $50 off its regular price

Corsair K70 Tkl Keyboard Desktop
Corsair K70 Tkl Keyboard Desktop (Image credit: Amazon)

The Corsair K70 Champion Series RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is on sale for a brand new low price of $89.99 at Amazon. The K70 normally sells for as much as $140, so this is a $50 savings. Even during the holidays when it was dropping in price, it was only going as low as $100. Today's sale is an all-new deal and a great value. This keyboard hasn't even really been around all that long, less than a full year. If you've been interested in a mechanical keyboard, this would be a nice one to pick up.


Corsair K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard | $50 off

A relatively new version of the K70 series, designed to be compact and durable. This is a keyboard you want to be able to use in a competitive environment like when playing esports.

The Champion Series from Corsair is especially designed for competitive gamers and even esports professionals. It's meant to be a keyboard you can take to tournaments or use to focus on the game at home. That means it's going to be durable, and responsive, and fast. The tenkeyless form factor that lacks the numpad on the side also means it's a lot more compact than a full-size keyboard and can be carried with you anywhere. The detachable cable only adds to the portability.

The K70 is made with an aluminum frame that's highly durable. The keycaps are precision molded PBT and designed to resist fading and the wear and tear of button mashing. Your keys will last as long as the keyboard does.

You also get per-key RGB backlighting you can customize and even add effects to as it is fully programmable. Or, if you really want to win the match you're playing you can flip the tournament switch. This sets the keyboard to a static backlight that's not distracting and disables accidental macro activations. No mistakes when the game is on the line!

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