OneDrive for business announced, ready to do battle with Dropbox and Box

Microsoft recently launched OneDrive. It was a rebranding of SkyDrive that also introduced new features to the cloud-storage platform. OneDrive is mostly aimed at consumers, which is why today Microsoft announced OneDrive for Business and announced a plan that helps that battle companies like Box and Dropbox one-on-one.

Just like OneDrive came from SkyDrive, OneDrive for Business comes from the ashes of SkyDrive Pro. OneDrive for Business allows Microsoft to target business with features that appeal to them. New features were announced today. The biggest change to OneDrive for Business is that it will now be offered as a standalone business plan. That move will help OneDrive compete against companies like Dropbox and Box. 

Before, you needed to get SkyDrive Pro as part of a business plan in the Office 365 suite. Now you and your company can get just OneDrive for Business. This allows companies to easily get into the cloud-storage game without buying the entire Office3 365 product.

Other new features in OneDrive for Business include a new user experience to access, find, and manage work files easier. If you’re an on premise SharePoint customer you can also configure OneDrive for Business with just a few clicks.

Here are the features OneDrive for Business is rolling out to make managing files easier. There are now simple controls above the personal document folder that correspond to your common tasks. Site folders have been introduced to take you directly to document libraries of sites you follow. Search has also been improved with features like type-ahead and more.

Microsoft also promises more features coming to OneDrive for Business coming soon. 

Interested in getting your business on OneDrive for Business without Office 365? There’s a promotional pricing of $2.50 per user per month that begins in April and runs through September.

Anyone looking forward to OneDrive for Business?

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Sam Sabri
  • Is it now possible to sync Shared Content offline?
  • ^^^ This, PLEASE! Does anybody knows if it is possible now?
  • I believe I just did that on my company account:)
  • Did anyone every go on stat counter it says by game system OS playstation network is number 1 in all countries, also is OneDrive available for Xbox one?
  • Yes, OnDrive is on Xbox 360 and One. At 360 it was released long ago. For the One was "skydrive" a lunch App. Works fine :)
  • Yes but u need live gold to use it
  • Figured It would, but my boss loves games and he pays for my gold subscription so I can play Battle field and COD with him, mainly because of my KDR.
  • So when are we getting some "download shared folders" option? Would be very important to collaborating things other than office files
  • And still no syncing with Windows RT? There was no Skydrive Pro desktop client for RT, only for X86. Are they changing this?
  • That is really strange, since it is a MSFT´s product.
  • RT was never intended for Enterprise so there's quite a few things missing that businesses would use..
  • As of Windows 8.1 SkyDrive\OneDrive syncs with Windrows RT, its built in.
  • Skydrive/OneDrive is. Not Skydrive Pro/One Drive for Business. You have to use the Skydrive Pro app for Windows 8.1, which doesn't have two way syncing.
  • I stand corrected, thanks for clearing that up.
  • Still... waiting... for... co-owned... folders...
  • Amen
  • Exactly. So useful for easy project document sharing etc. Then you don't need a business version, you just need decent standard features and businesses will use it.
  • I've heard of dropbox, but there is a rival product called "box"!?!? That is like an Apple competitor being named "AppleCore". Lol
  • Yes there is, there's an app in the store for it, I've been using it since the WP7 days, also, I don't know about now, but when I signed up I got 50 gigs of storage free
  • I never heard of them either, but they have a WP client and I tried their services and its actually great.
    I got a promotion in the mail that said I could get an iPad mini just for trying their service. I have an iPad mini now and my company is looking into their service, so I guess that promotion worked.
    I'm also glad to see that I wasn't the only one that never heard of them.
  • I'm at the SharePoint Conference in Vegas where they announced this. At the moment Box for enterprise is better, collaboration is built in and it can display and play videos inline in a number of formats.
  • Also, integrated support for DocuSign is a big plus. We have Office 365 E3 and we use Box for enterprise.  The additional storage is tempting but I don't think we could get by without some of the features Box has.
  • Office3 365? :O
  • Will this be now without all the sharepoint files currently present in skydrive pro ?
  • 3rd paragraph last line you have a typo with office 365. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I really like what they did with / / The ability to share via OneDrive and collaborate via Office Online with others from any PC with an Internet connection is really great. They did a good job. I'm using it now with my research assistants and they were even able to use their univeristy email addresses to sign in, which is nice beacuse I didn't want to force them to make Microsoft accounts if they didn't want to.
  • One big difference relates to the degree of linkage between OneDrive and a MS account. With (Drop)Box you can sign up for a free account and get several gigs of storage. All they need is an email account. In many small businesses, these cree accounts are paired with free webmail to create network storage for Employees to use collectively. Its great for a fledgling business. As you grow and start setting up a proper network, the case for using the "business" version of the same storage App is familiarity and confidence that the platform will meet your needs. Its so much more cumbersome to set up a Microsoft account and email just to get the free version of OneDrive that I think MS has as usual failed to understand how to grow this customer base from individuals and small companies. This product looks like it is only aimed at large Corp. clients, and will only appeal to them. Another example of MS being out of touch with Consumers.
  • Give me more than 7 gig and it will be a battle
  • Should be 25GB since a few months, like mailboxes upgraded from 25 to 50GB
  • OK, when will ONEDRIVE support file folders?  How about more dropbox like?  Easier to share, etc.
  • What are you even talking about? OneDrive has always had file folders and drop in sync capabilities in both the browser and in File Explorer and it's now built into Windows 8.1.
  • Actually, it supports folders, once you create them on ONEDRIVE, but you cannot drop a folder and have it upload the contents!  Thats what I was referencing.
  • I think you are using an XP. If you are using window 7, it will create folder called "SkyDrive". Anything you put in there, yes that mean folder, will be created at OneDrive.
  • Mac OSX 10.6, please.
  • Can anyone tell me how to access my exchange account files on WP8. One Drive doesn't give you admin rights to open files on exchange accounts
  • You need to do it through the office hub, under places.. But it is not very good.. I tried to make an app, but need some stuff from wp8.1 before it works properly so won't release..
  • I use dropbox for hosting CSS and other files when building my tumblr theme. Onedrive can't do that. Dropbox is also faster and easier to control when uploading or refreshing... At least here in china
  • Meanwhile, the app on Windows 8 is STILL the old SkyDrive app, and it doesn't recognize folders shared with me.  I love the app on Windows Phone, it's a LOT better.
  • Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. Hope they update soon.
  • Moving in the right direction. Lots of catching up to do, but mobile and enterprise are getting more relavent every day. I am still waiting for ITTT for OneDrive.
  • Glad they dropped the "Pro" from the branding.